Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 Dani's been soooooo busy lately researching, cooking and eating all these soups.  She doesn't like to write about what she doesn't know.  

She had to pooh-pooh the Pootine Soup from the last post, but other than that it's been paws up all the way!

Sox has been enlisted to purrform a role that Dani simply couldn't.  That one is chock full of innuendo, but in the endo it all worked out.

Today Dani is starting off with an eco-friendly soup, though her efforts to save the planet aren't always respected by some others (who shall be nameless).

"I needs ta Echo dis Environmental E-PISS-ALL so de Entiretee of da Erf's peepulls acts as a singull Entitty ta save da Planit." says Dani out of breath.

I agree with you Dani, before you can do anything you have to Plan It.

"I gess I broke da Cardinal Rule" sighs Dani.

Badminton -- it gives 'Watch the Birdie" a whole new meaning!

Dani seems quite happy to take Sox's offur even if inflation has made it less budget-friendly.  And as to non-monetary inflation ... well, that's between Dani and Sox.


So, if you thought that last one was bad, get a load of this.  
No, it's not racy in the least, but definitely what I'd call
 "off the wall"!
This time around Dani claims to be a Turkish Wallwalker who works part-time walking the aisles at Walmart to restock the shelves, and who has a fetish (what she calls a 'feetish') for walls.  So for simplicity's sake let's just call her a TURKISH WALL NUT!

To cement her lunacy, she also thinks that because she wears a turkey hat on her head, that makes her Turkish.  Well, sorta-ish, I guess.  It doesn't hurt that she also uses a Turkish spoon (i.e., a spoon depicting a turkey) to lend to that wishful fantasy. 

In real life Dani does like turkey (one of her faves), and also likes to be fed with a spoon.  And because I have indulged her, who am I to say what's real and what's not?

Adding to this blurry line is the following:

This is Dani's Dada holding her.  His name is ... WALTER!

And every Christmas I attempt to sing him this song:

"Walnuts roasting on an open fire ..."

And that's when he gets up and leaves.

Speaking of leaving, it's time to wrap it up.  But before I go I want to point out that I have now fulfilled my promise to bring you efurrything  FROM:

TO ...


Sandee said...

How fun, Dani. Did you know I'm making a pot of soup this afternoon. I'll be thinking about you when I do.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

Bird Nest Soup has too much fiber for me!

Zoolatry said...

Soup 2 Nuts! DANI, your huMom is a bit on the nutty side ... did it take furever to do this amazing post ... wow! My huMom is sending a email today (playing catch-up Ketchup) ... as she has FINALLY figgered out where the posts were hiding and a wholabunch of other stuff. Turns out my huMom has lost mind ... sigh, time to go, bye Dani, your friend JUNE