Thursday, February 24, 2022


Dani believes that if you're a chum that means you're NOT a chump.  And for being able to believe beings are basically good, she is very grateful indeed -- because deeds (and not merely words) are the ultimate PURRoof.

Dani's chums are not only good -- some of them are downright angelic!  The play list starts with a couple from Dani, herself.  These were totally unrehearsed, so give her some leeway, please.  I guess tomorrow these jokes will be rehearsed because they were first hearsed today.

"But wot are Leeways?"  she asks, having never heard that word before.  "I shur hopes dey is tasty!"

"Hmmm ... da dickshunary says dey is an allow-aBULL margarine of freedumb.  I likes margarine but buttah is bettah." she says definitively.  "Buttah comes frum COWS, not BULLS."

So, let's begin where we left off, shall we?  After Dani comes June of Zoolatry who also has another manifestation further on (and NO, she's not a ghost).  Then Dolly of Brian's Home makes an appearance before Angels Dante and Dylan of Wendy's 3-D Cats and Angel Zoey from Zoolatry make theirs.  Stuck in there somewhere towards the end, is the backend of Dani and a partially-obscured Sox, both of whom emanated from this very blog.

So without further ado (or in Dani's case an adon't) let's get on with the show ...

At least none of them is FOAMing at the mouth -- yet!

The installation's the kicker (literally AND litterally)!

Go ahead and STAMP on him, June!

Dolly is an optiMIST.
"I opts not ta SPRAYS yoo in da face as long as yoo steers 
clear-a me.  Got it?" says she.

Or June will take it out of YOUR hide!  Hello?

Dylan would be purrfect as a stand-in for MagneTOE.
What a MARVEL that would be!

It's just not right to eat your own kind.
Sock-it-to-her Sox!

There's lots more in the LOBBY, Zoey, but you've gotta
HOBNOB before you LOB!

... and thank you for your patronage!

(No Dani, this doesn't mean I'm gonna make the patrons tell us how old they are.  Sheesh!)

Monday, February 21, 2022


 This is Dani around 10 months old.  The robe she is wearing is Chinese silk (or at least silk-like) in black with gold dragon design and trimming.

The robe originally belonged to Dante, but just never fit him very well.  It wouldn't close at the front.  So now Dani is into it, and understandably it's a little large on her.  Because of the size discrepancy, you can see her gradually wriggling it half off.  Of course to her it was all kinds of fun except when I flashed the camera in her eyes.

If you look closely you can see Dani's head, body and limbs in all different positions.  I guess you could say she was limbPURR! 

"Da bettah ta rigull wif!" she says.

Dani starts off fully dressed in the first picture, above.

But as you can see in the middle shot, above, Dani is mostly disheveled.

Silly girl!

Friday, February 18, 2022


Dani's returned to her old format, including friends and angels in her comedy line-up.

Aside from Dani herself, there is June of Zoolatry (of course), Angel-Dylan and a brief appearance by Angel-Dante both from the erstwhile Wendy's 3-D Cats, Seal and Simon of Brian's Home, and my friend's two cats Hagrid and Freiya.

Dani has been busy writing a rulebook, so we start off with just one of them as a teaser.

Introducing, exclusively from the House of Grey Poupon:  Pepto-Pink Poopon.   Just a little bit will doo-doo!

Halitosis is all in the nose of the breath-holder!
"Is just a lotta sour milk" says June.

Bear Down, please!

What do you do when your outhouse has no house?

Methinks the buffet has taken a shine to Sister Seal's ample buff fur.

Or Simon will take it outta your hide!

I guess they finally ran out of quarters.

What can I say, the Bullfinches are just fulla CROCK 'N BULL but Dani's not having any of it.
Good fur you Dani Girl!

Milking it for all it's worth!

Thursday, February 17, 2022


 June has made her selections and put them together to create a certain mood which is sophisticated yet relatable.  Since she is exclusively an indoor kitty, her outfit isn't required for any PURRpuss other than to be beautiful.  And boy has she hit the nail on the head with this one!

"Yes" says June.  "I ackshully gotta hammah-design nail an' hammah'd it into da toppa my hat."

"See?" asks June.

"Wot grate instinked an' inishitive yoo has, my deer!" 
exults Dani.

Here is a collage of June's outfit against diffurent backgrounds.  The setting can also enhance fashion as does stage-dressing for a work of art.

 June's outfit begins with a fanlike fascinator hat which is half gold-hued tan and half sage green.  June then searched for a sensational long silk scarf as a focal point for coordination.

It is quite striking indeed with the bright white centre taPURRing into the tan and gold end portions culminating in black tips for contrast.  June even handpainted some of the white part of the scarf which is visible at her neck.  What a talented girl!  She must have inherited her MineMom's genius genes.

 June's map-covered handbag in sage green, gold and black is most unusual and CATches the eye as the beholder attempts to deciFUR it.  It's good to have a little mystery mapped in the mix.  

There are also several pieces of jewelry as added touches of intrigue.  Some of them are fishy and others are not.  And she chose a harmonious vase as part of the backdrop, just to serve as an appointment to her artistry.

Altogether, June's furst foray into fashion has proved to be an outstanding success.  APAWS, please!

June figures her well-deserved A+ belongs to her Mine Mom (whose initials are A.A. by the way).  She takes such good care of June and encourages her to expand her horizons.

"Mom, wot is ho-rise-zens?  How kin I expand 'em if I don't know wot dey are?  Is dey made a' elastick?

"I feels so much more comfurtable in my own fur." says June.

Dani gives June a big hug and they settle down for the night.  

MineMom is eagerly waiting at home for June to return in the morning.  She is so proud of her and has a picture book with audio about Horizons to present to her as a reward.

"I is sooooo lucky dat yoo is MineMom.  Fank yoo!" says June gratefully.

June and her Mom, Ann can be found on their blog Zoolatry any day of the week.

The moral of this story is:  
There are some things you can take off and discard, 
but what is truly impawtant isn't detachable because it grows from the inside out.

Like the love you carry for one another.  If that's not cultivation, what is?

Dani and June are so thankful for each other.  Their penchant for fashion is just an aside.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022


 Dani has decided to take June under her fin, so to speak.  And the young one is happy to follow Dani's example.  This primarily concerns the cultivation of June as it PURRtains to the culture of couture.  

Dani has been fashion forward since she was a 12-week old kitten.  Mama dressed her up to begin with, but before long Dani had her own preFURences.  She seemed to have a natural instinct for accessorizing as well.

Now that they are friends, Dani would like to mentor June in the basic elements of style.  She sees the raw potential in June and wants to help release it.  So let's get cooking!!!

The furst step, of course, is to demonstrate how to put together an outfit so that it becomes a harmonious whole -- almost like an entity unto itself.  

Dani has decided that today she is going to unearth some rich browns, the colour of potting soil.  It's a purrfect analogy for cultivation!  And, coincidentally, June is the best month here in Ontario to begin the planting process.

But now it is still February and freezing temPURRatures are the norm.  So Dani has selected warm and insulating outerwear, such as her LV hat and a coordinating scarf that she made herself.

Couture can often be matched with your PURRSonal creations for that bespoke factor.  The scarf is rather eccentric, too, with small black tufts arranged in an overall polka-dot pattern.  The final piece is a homologous LV handbag which has a quirkiness all of its own, thanks to the gold and gator clasp.

Now this is one of Dani's signature elements.  She always picks an accessory that will shine on its own yet become a seamless part of the entirety.  The gold owl and dark wood cuff bracelet is a case in point.

I put together this small collage of Dani in the same outfit using two disparate filters so you can appreciate how the background actually affects the overall impression, too.

Now where is June you ask?

Here she is by Dani's side.  She's a little oFURwhelmed by today's lesson, but can't wait to show you 
her own outfit tomorrow.  So stay tuned (or tuna'd if the figurative fish fits) ...

Pee Ess:  Shout out to "Da Tabbies o' Trout Towne",  there will be another handbag on display tomorrow along with some fish in disguise.  Can you find them?

Monday, February 14, 2022


 And they did it their way ...

Dani and June want to celebrate their budding friendship this Valentine's Day.  It's a very special thing to make a new friend -- especially a budding buddy.  If you take a look you'll see that both Dani and June are wearing buds in their wrist corsages as a nod to each other.  Now I just hope they both don't nod off at least before I've finished this post.

Look what Dani found on the internet!  It's a vintage Valentine's card which speaks volumes (even though it's in another tongue).  Kitty-speak I think they call it.

And June found this one which she wants to give to her Mine Mom.  

Knots are the ties that bind, so June is four-square behind them, even though she's more partial to hearts. Of course polka-dot hearts are her absolute fave.

Dani has already shown her love to me by allowing me to hold her like a baby and blow on her tummy  and kiss her toes while she purrs.  This is a rare treat indeed.  Love you, too, Dani Girl!

This is a picture of Dada holding Dani in his arms.  She's grown a bit more since this was taken a couple of years ago.   You can see without question that love is in the air!

Just imagine immersing your face in that soft, floofy underbelly and then kissing those velvety toes!!!

And we love all of you out there in the Cat Blogosphere and Beyond, too, 'cause LOVE IS A UNIFURSAL THING!  

"Pokey-dots just can't be beat!" says June.

 Even tho' she is -- BEAT, that is.

Friday, February 11, 2022


We're trying something a little diffurent today.  Dani's still hosting, but most of the animals are from species other than feline.

I know these kind of jokes are better when they are short and sweet.  However, the infinite tracks of my train of thought normally just keep chugging along.  So I am finally showing some restraint.  I can't promise that this will last, but one can only try.  And I can be very trying indeed!



P.S.  I know I lost it about halfway through.😕