Friday, April 26, 2019


No, Dani's not in distress.  She's just wearing this dress; the same dress she's had on since the Easter weekend.

Here she is close up.

 "I loves dis dress soooooooo much!" she exults.

You have lots of dresses, Dani.  What makes this one so special?

"It's da bow acourse -- BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!"

I see. So it's the "Wow" factor that does it.

"Yes" says she.  "Now all I needs is ...

... yoo ta help me wif my makeup so takes yoor time an' brush up on yoor technique."

"I mus' say I reely gets off on yoor modus oPURRandi."


See, I told you -- no distress!

Friday, April 19, 2019


Dani's wearing her brand new Easter dress.  She's determined not to take it off for the entire weekend!

And what a pretty dress it is!  It has a veritable bouquet of fabric flora attached to the back of the bodice at the waist.  She's also chosen her version of a contemPURRary Easter bonnet which is a blue-and-white fascinator topped with what can only be described as sails.  May they speed you on your way this Easter, young Dani!

"I has tried very hard to egg you on" says Dani.
"Dat's why dey're all hard-boiled!"

"Isn't dat jus' ducky?"

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Here's Dani testing out her new cat bed.

 "Is comfy" she says.

"I feels like I is ridin' on a cushion of air!"


Friday, April 12, 2019


Dani has something to say about her shopping sPURRee!  She just picked up a new hat, PURRse and some snazzy jewellery.

So here she is with it all put together.

"Even doe dis is an old dress, I has made it new again by changin' up de accessories".

Just take a gander at her fabulous fascinator in black with vesper-like voile feathers in sheer black with gold polka dots!  And her Valentino bag is 'to-die-for' in black, white and gold geometrics.  Better than a clutch, it can double as a shoulder bag with it's long, gold-link chain.
And around her neck, Dani has this quite notable necklace in gold with pearl pendant and dangles.

To complement this, she has also chosen a classy gold and diamond heart bracelet for her dainty (?) wrist.

"See?" she asks.  "I'm holdin' it up so yoo kin get a bettah look!"

Dani certainly is a 'together' kind of gal.  And you can bet that she'll reuse these same accessories in different outfits.  She's all for recycling.

"Yeah, dat's how I gets my exercise." she says.

"Well, wot kin yoo expect?  I'mma cat!"

'Nuff said.

Friday, April 5, 2019


This is Dani last year at this time.  She's sitting in the front garden trying to apply her body heat to melt the remaining snow.

 "Sum peeples melt wen dey look at me" she said.

 "But I'm not workin' my magic on peeples."

"I'm havin' a "new-clear" meltdown of my own!"

Wowsa!  Dani's invented a whole new method of snowclearing.

"I farted!!!"