Friday, June 30, 2017


Here's Dani in the garden again, this time lying in, what she calls, "The PURRiwinkles".

 "Mama says PURRiwinkles is ground covah, but I fink dey covahs me pretty well, too."

"I luvs PURRiwinkles on da grounds dat dey makes a good bed fur nappin'."

"An' wen dey flowahs dey's PURRple!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Dani's wearing yet another one of Domino's frocks.

 This one is three-ruffled layers of peachy tones with a coordinating bodice.  Dani simply radiates summer!

 As she sniffs the scented air, you will notice that the dress has peach-coloured flowers at the neck, too, and she is wearing a silver-and-peach pearly brooch on her collar which transforms it into a very pretty choker.

 Dani's been modelling quite a bit lately so she's getting a bit "ANTSY".

"Ants, did yoo say ants?" asks Dani.
"Ware are dey? Lemme at 'em!" says she as she wriggles out of her dress.
(You will note that her left shoulder is already frock-free in this pic.)

"Aha!  I is fwee -- fwee at last!  But ware's lunch?"

"Coming up!"

As ANTicipated.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Dani stopped by to give homage to Dylan's rock which is featured prominently in the front of the garden bed.  This is the rock which was given to us by the mobile veterinarians who came to our house to assist Dylan in passing on peacefully.  It was such a thoughtful touch.

"I loved my brofur Dylan even doe I didn't know him fur very long."

 "Dis is how I keeps in touch" says Dani.

"I'll always looks up to you, Dylan -- furever an' ever."

"Rock on, big bro!"

Friday, June 23, 2017

THE 'A, B, C's' OF DANI!

Dani's photoshoot in her lavender flappurr dress provided many pictures.  Here are some more of her in the garden simply wearing her dress.

"By da way, I'd like ta "a dress" dis situashun" says Dani.
"Alldoe dis dress is comfy, I still prefurs bein' NEWDies."

Dani seems to be attracted by the flowers.

Her attention is clearly focused.

"I is jus' lernin' my A, Bee, C's" says Dani getting a big buzz out of this.

Turning her attention in another direction, Dani is pretty as a picture.  Note the details on her lavender dress -- the velvet band with pear-shaped diamond accent.

"I is NOT like Marilyn Monroe cuz diamonds is NOT my best friend" says she.

"An' I fink gentlemancats prefurs auburns"  says she with the flame on her head.

"I mus' say gardins kin be so exhaustin'!
 Time fur a nap in da NEWD!"

See y'all later.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Dani's dressed up in "Flappurr" style from the 1920's.

Her purrple multi-tiered tulle dress, long double-row of beaded pearls and feathered fascinator are all reminiscent of the "Flappurr" era.  She has also chosen a vintage beaded bag from the same time period in gold trim with mauve pattern.  On her toe is a gold ring with purrple tourmaline at its center.

You may notice that there is a flappurr of a different feather coming into the picture.  The hummingbird is the ultimate flappurr having the ability to beat it's wings up to 80 times per second!

This little hummingbird zips by Dani at such a speed that she is barely able to keep track of the tiny thing until it alights atop her purrse.

In a flash the hummingbird seemingly disappears.  Dani hasn't noticed that the wee one has landed on her head, or more accurately, on her hat.

"Ware did she go?  Ware did she go?" wonders Dani aloud.

The hummingbird is on a mission to retrieve the feathers that were obviously stolen from some of her closest friends and relatives.  So she fastened her little feet to the base of the hat and flew off with it before Dani knew what happened!

"After all, how can a flappurr flap without any feathers?" asks the hummingbird.

And rightly so.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


These pictures of Dani speak for themselves.

My little kitten is quickly becoming a gorgeous ladycat!
Oh, and there's still so much more to come.

"Stay tooned!"

Monday, June 19, 2017


Dani was out yesterday on the front patio.  It was cooler in the shade nearer the porch so that's where she settled.

 I've noticed that the colours in her fur are deepening.  Of course it all depends on what light they're in, as well.  What a pretty coat!

"It may be pretty, but sumtimes I'd like ta takes it off -- speshully wen it's hot outside."

There goes those NEWdist tendencies of hers again!

Friday, June 16, 2017


These pictures are the last of Dani's photoshoot in her pink lace and tulle dress.  She has added them to her modelling portfolio as examples of her PURRowess for posing.

Posin' wif posies!

An instant re-pose

 Posin' a question ...

 ...  Say wot ???

 Come an' pose


Pose-ter Girl!

I think Dani's ready for almost any POSE-ition, don't you?

"Even if I'm not wearin' a stitch!"

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Dani was visiting with her Auntie Susan and Auntie Val the other day and Mama was taking pictures (as usual).

Auntie Susan decided that the weigela flowers would be a good touch, so she tried to put them on Dani's head.

 "Wot dat?"  asks Dani.

 "Stop it!" says Dani giving Auntie Susan the paw.  
"I nevah said yoo cud go a head!"

 "Dat's bettah. I'm always up fur a good sniff."
"But stop shakin' it -- yoor makin' me dizzy!"

 Then Auntie Val entered the picture.  She wanted to pat Dani's paw.
"Unhands me dis minit!" demands Dani.

"Bite-sized fingah food -- Yum!" exulted Dani.

So Auntie Val let her be.

"Now I is all tucker'd out.  Visitors sure kin be exhaustin'!

Sleep tight, little one!