Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Dani's looking a little aghast when she sees what Dada is wearing.

Dani:  "Is dat CAR GO pants yoor wearin', Dada?"

Dada:  "Yes, Dani.  Why do you ask?"

Dani:  "Sorry Dada but CARS is a NO GO fur me!"

Dani:  "'Cept fur dis wun, acourse -- it
runs on nachural gas!"

Monday, August 27, 2018


Dani has a new summer dress which she wants to show off before fall arrives.

Here she is in her pretty pastel blue and white frock before accessorizing.  It really has a light and airy feel.  It has a pale blue jersey knit bodice framed between a white scalloped collar trimmed in lace and studded with pearls, and with white ruffly lace at the waist.

The skirt is a blue-and-white floral patterned cotton, also trimmed in lace.  The thin straps for the top of the dress are made from the same fabric.

Here is a close up shot of the dress so you can more clearly see the details. The bottom of the skirt also has a double-layered lining which makes it looks quite classy.

This is an even closer view of the gorgeous collar.

And now for the accessories, which completely change the appearance of the dress.  Dani has done herself up two ways; the first is a little dressier, and the second is suitable for travelling.

Dani has chosen a white fascinator topped with feathers and adorned with a blue-pearly butterfly to wear on her head.  It also has an attached veil which dresses it up for a more formal occasion.

She is wearing a sterling silver necklace with a myriad of pastel-blue gems to add sparkle to the outfit.  And speaking of sparkle, it's hard to beat her Chanel evening bag bedecked in blue and white with all those glittering gems.  See?

That must have cost a pretty penny!

Actually, here I may digress but it's a good lesson in Canadian currency.  It's relevant to Dani, of course, because she is Canadian through and through.

Our Canadian Mint doesn't make pennies anymore since 2012.  Apparently it just wasn't economical because the copper cost more than the penny made out of it.  To be fair, it was a very pretty penny with it's maple leaf design and all, and likely much further in the future those pennies that were saved will be worth a whole lot more.  So now saving your pennies also has a different connotation here in Canada.

And now for Dani's second attempt at accessorizing her pretty blue dress.  I mentioned previously that it would be a good travel outfit, but I didn't say what kind of travel.  Dani's all set to 'time travel' through space!

Dani intends to dazzle alongside all those other heavenly bodies.  She's chosen a more aerodynamic headpiece in this light blue fascinator topped with wide white ribbons wound into sails to help navigate the outer spaces.

She is also wearing a sterling silver necklace with a pearl pendant formed into a blue and white sapphire cicada.
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a Canadian cicada and here's a link where you can hear them sing:   http://songsofinsects.com/cicadas/canadian-cicada

Dani figured having a cicada along could provide a source for sound-tracking during this star trek.  And besides, it matches her outfit!

Finally, Dani has selected a very unique handbag to take along.  It is a blue patterned 'Dr. Who' purse picturing time as a clock with the time-travelling 'tardis' at it's centre.
Dr. Who is the hero of a British science-fiction TV series which began in 1963.  The protagonist is an alien adventurer; a Time Lord/Lady who can change appearance and gender by regenerating when near death.  He/she uses the 'tardis' (which is shaped like a British police public call box) as a time travelling capsule.

Dani is especially thrilled now because there is a first-ever female Dr. Who at the helm.  She believes in female rights be they feline, human or alien.

She isn't the only pussycat who likes to dress up for time travel.  It looks like they're currently casting (or CATSing in her case) for a new version of this television program titled "Dr. Mew".

Hopefully, they'll abide by the time-honoured courtesy of letting ladies go furst.

"An' if yoor lookin' fur a female PURRsonality, I'm it.  Dr. Mew at yoor service!"

And, as far as Dani and this post goes -- what a trip it has been!

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Dani goes deep into hiding in this picture.  She is hoping to blend in with the background.

I hate to tell her, but she's not green.  And it's not easy being green (as Kermit would say).
Dani's multiple colours still shine through, especially those parts that are not shaded by the foliage. Purrhaps fall would be a better time to try leaves as CATmouflage.

Oh well, we might as well play along.  Come out, come out wherever you are ...

Wow, she really does have this undercover thing down pat!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


This is a flashback to August of 2017 where Dani has taken a flight of fancy.

"I can't reely fly" said she. "I'm not so airy fairy aftah all."

"Mebbe wun day, if I wishus very hard, my dream will come troo."

Friday, August 10, 2018


Dani has many more faces, but here are two of them.

And you never know when she's going to 'spring' another one on you!

Monday, August 6, 2018


Dani's all gussied up again in her new favourite dress.

She figured out that if she just changed up the accessories that it gave her a whole new look.  So this time she chose a straw boater hat with pink banding and pink roses spilling over the brim.

"I guess yoo cud say I "rose" to de occashun" said she, though what occasion that is, exactly, I don't know.

"Duh!" she says.  "I'm not warin' a boatah hat fur nuffin, silly.  I'm goin' boatin' acourse."

"Wif my feddah'd furiend Mistah Owl, and den ...

... I'm gonna dance by da lite of da moon!

When the occasion arises, so does my Dani.