Tuesday, May 31, 2022


So here we are once again, back on track with Dani and her Punny Pawtners.  

Dani has taken the first two spots, as purr usual.  And of course BFF June of Zoolatry follows right behind.  She's all lathered up for some reason.   Once again we have all three kitty kut-ups from Brian's Home, Simon, Seal with a two-fur, and Brian.

Hopefully this is enough nonsense to keep you all going for the nonce.  Allons-y!

Rest in Pieces Tilda.

And once you get 'em, they don't FLEE. 
 They wanna stay right where they are.

You'll have to excuse her, June is still a tODDler.

What's worse?  Being the victim of SIMONization or PETrification.

The next one is a two-PAWter.



You nailed it, Seal -- er sealed it, anyway.

Why you're PURRactically invisible!

Ya, the Navy wouldn't even let him touch them.
The CONTROLS, that is.

"I'll letcha know wot's next once I'm
... Back from the Future. Until den

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Friday, May 27, 2022


 So our internet is up and running today.  Here is a mostly unpreprepared mish-mash of Dani PURRaphenalia, along with a few friends as well.

Shades of Dani

Dani Alight

Nice to meet you, Rosy Don O'Donall!

June of Zoolatry
      Sometimes the best kind of vice is ADVICE! 

Brian, Simon and Seal of Brian's Home
What happened to the Three MusketEARS?
All fur one and one fur all -- remember?

At the Stroke of Sunlight

                                              See ya sooner than later!



Friday, May 20, 2022


Dani's been overdoing it lately, so she decided to call on her friends to help out with this post.

Dani begins, not with the beginning -- butt with the ending.

I think this is one of those times when a picture speaks a thousand words.

June's BOGASS is pretty darn cute, but somebuddy needs to shut off the GAS.  June lives with her Mom in Zoolatry.  Maybe she knows how to take care of it.

You can't fool me.  Gas is NOT a solid!

And here are the three cats from Brian's Home.  Dani wrote a little poem for each of them, to explain what they were thinking and feeling when the photos were taken.




Someone's gotta rap things up ...
... this little guy knocked it outta the park!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


 This week we thought we'd try something a little different.  Everything is LESS, more or less.  There's MORE of Dani being LESS.  It's a CATcophany of confusion.

So let's off ...

Before you learn to count, you're gonna need 
a lesson or TWO in Romanian.

No wonder all of your seams fall apart!

Quite the 'Sup-POSITION!

Hint:  If you want to correct a speech impediMINT, 
stop sucking on the damn MINTS!
No butts about it.

Dani really needs to up her game.  Then maybe she could find it!

And what about your back end?
"Da BUTTler did it!" declares Dani.

Don't worry, Dani.  It'll all come out in the wash.

The LESSon for today?
There is none.
Can't do much less than that!

Monday, May 16, 2022


 These pictures of Dani range from approximately 3 months old to 9 months during the summer and early Fall of 2017.  They age in reverse order, however, meaning that the first picture was taken in September and the last picture was taken in April of that year.

All of the dresses that little Dani is wearing were previously owned by Domino, and she had quite the collection!  It's interesting to note that Domino was a small cat, normally in the 6 - 6.5 lb. weight range, and Dani is now a large cat weighing around 22 lbs.  

So all of these small dresses fit Dani for awhile, from three months on.  After that I had to buy her dresses of her own, and Dani quickly went through all of the sizes over the next couple of years, until we could no longer find any that were large enough. That milestone occurred when she was 4 years old.

Anyway, on with the Fashion PURRade ...

Kees me you fool!

Prismatic Petals

Polka Dots 'n Daisies

Hooter's Sidekick


What tongue do you speak?

All Ruffled Up!

Distinct in Pink

Collared in Blue and Mauve

Back-up in Zebra 

Chic Polka Dot Number

Spot On Minnie Mouse!

'FlapPURR in The Roarin' Twenties'

Friday, May 13, 2022


 Dani's bath has spilled over to today.  Yesterday we showed you some of the better pictures.  We're just making fun of the ones that were left -- which is even more of a gift, really.

Efurry LEGend has a LEGacy all their own. 

Confursations are always more interesting when they're on a higher level.

That's why it's always best to keep in touch with yourself.

She's probably already shredded the evidence.

And finally, here's the Escape Claws ...