Monday, October 31, 2022


Welcome to Dani's Hallowe'en Smash!

We are calling it a "Smash" because it is a mishmash of this and that, designed to overwhelm your visual senses and to stimulate your brain.

A synonym for mishmash is hotchpotch.  I love words so this tickles my fancy.  Two words meaning the same thing, i.e., confusion.  Purrfect for Hallowe'en!

Here's Witchy-Witch Dani to start things off.  She's a real high-flyer when she finally gets going.

Dani has really taken to gnomes this year, and they to her.
Some of them look a little like her bestie June of Zoolatry.
Maybe that's why she finds them so compelling!

If you haven't done so already, you may want to visit Zoolatry to see what these gnomes do when they're at home.

There's so much more to see and do here first, so please scroll at your leisure and pick and choose what interests you (if at all).

And this is Dani in a previous incarnation.  See the ears?
Caution:  This is what happens when you don't eat right. 

Q.  What kind of makeshift art do Witches do best?

A.  Witch CRAFTS


The gnome pictured below is nameless so far, and I think that's a pity.
I came up with a name for him, and I'd like you to guess what it is.
I even filled in a few letters to get you started.


The name contains two sepurrate words.

I will show the answer at the end of the post.


So, our second little challenge is "Hallowe'en Clowns".  Clowns are masters of the costume and come in many different sizes and shapes.  These are all cat avatar clowns, just to add another element of difursity.

Can you find the differences between the clowns within the box on the left side and the same clown in the box on the right side?  Each clown has one main difference.

We will reveal the answers at the end of the post.


Find the three pumpkins WITHOUT teeth.

There are two different images in this picture.  What do you see?

Once again, you will find the answers at the end of this post.


They both look kinda horny to me!


These are avatars I did about ten years back, but I unearthed some of them to put on display today.  Frankly, all the details freak me out.  It's very strange to look back on something you did long ago.  It's a completely different purrspective.


Red Riding Hood

Hallowe'en Batman

Hallowe'en Witches

Hallowe'en Vampire

Hallowe'en Phantom of the Opera

Hallowe'en Harry Potterers

Sox says "I'm all Potter'd out!"

Witch do you like best?





Woman and Man with Moon Background

And now for the Thriller Finale ...

Get down and BOOgie
... ME-OWWWW!!!

And in the end ...
... what will BEE, will BEE!

Butt BEE Careful ...

The End

Saturday, October 22, 2022


In case anyone was wondering, I'm just taking a break for a week.  I will at the very least be back for my Hallowe'en post because I am hosting the occasion.

Hugs, Wendy & Dani

Thursday, October 20, 2022


 Dani is hosting this Tocktober Special along with her Angel-Brother Dante.  He is the Maine Coon who came before.

We'll start off with Dani.  Here she is in her best tocks shot efur.  

Very lovely, yes.  Purrhaps you can see her fur 'wings' on each of her haunches.  I guess these means her tocks are wingy.  Butt, I don't think anyone is going to confuse her for an apPETizer.!

Here are some of Dani's better tock shots, though I never managed to get one of her standing, with tail up for a total tock reveal.

This is Dante's best tock shot and it even took place in Tocktober!  I have placed a maple leaf on his tushie  to maintain a sense of propriety.

You see, Dante used the outdoors in our yard as a giant kitty litter.   We wanted to avoid any unsightly Kling-Ons.

So, I like to think of Dante as the King of Tocks, butt I know there are others out there that are purrhaps even more aBUNdent.  Before you form your FIRM (buttocks) opinion, here are some of Dante's other bests.

Dante even won an award once.

It's what I call his CAT-ASS-TROPHY!

Oh well, all's well that ends well.
That's what is truly imPAWtant.