Tuesday, September 28, 2021


I thought I would put together several CATchphrases to see how Dani would respond to them.  A cat's mind works in mysterious ways and these illustrate but a few.

Coppurr or no coppurr, Dani just tells it like it is.

And what colour would you dye ‘em even if you could?

Ever wonder what nitty-gritty is?  Wonder no more.

But just think about the resale value!

This is a vast question that you'll have to explore.

All I have to say is ...

... trying to figure out how a cat's mind works 

can be very draining.

Friday, September 24, 2021


 Dani's been all over the place this week, including going back in time.  I must say it has been interesting!

You know it's bad when you have to wear a rain hat inside the house!

Things are tight when you have to live hare to mouth.

Dirty Deed Indeed!

Maybe therapy will help with your gas-production obsession.

All I have to say is:  Holey Moley!

Wishing you much good fart-tune in the future.


Monday, September 20, 2021


 Dani is helping Dada with his weightlifting.  She’s trying to get him into better shape.

As it turns out, Dada turns 69 years old today so he needs all the help he can get.  

“Go Dada, Go!” shouts Dani.  “Yoo kin do it.”

“I think I need a robotic arm or two” suggests Dada.🦾🦾

“I finks yoo needs sum good ole fashun’d brain powah” 
she replies.🧠
Is mind ovah mattah, Dada — an’ I’m wots da mattah.”

“I think I can, I think I can” intones Dada.

“Yes Dada — yoor a regulah tank engine!!!”πŸš‚

Unfortunately, despite Dada’s considerable brain matter, his muscles refused to work.  So he settled for just hanging around with Dani instead.  I guess compromise is the real answer to almost anything.  If you can’t do what you want, do something else.

Matter matters but there are many kinds of matter.
And that’s a matter of fact!

And, when it comes to Dani’s Dada, so is that.

Friday, September 17, 2021


 Dani's had a busy week getting ready for today's post.  She is indeed a cat-of-many poses.

I always knew you were wingy. 
 Got any sauce?  

And I thought I had a shitty day.

Dani only recently started to play chess and look where she's headed.

Even Lady Gaga couldn't do it any better!

How RUDE-imentary!

Whoever didn't pick you must be a real heel!  

But who needs a pageant when they've got their own blog?

Starring Dani!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Dani is very attracted to plastic.  It’s mostly plastic bags, packing materials and straws, though she’s been known to gnaw on other items that come her way.

What these things have in common is that they all have unfamiliar and beguiling smells which is what causes this attraction.  Investigation becomes an immediate necessity. Copious sniffing, licking, biting, chewing and stress testing are crucial to their analysis.



The plastic bag looks like it has been used over and over again, so the combination of smells must be overwhelming. 

“Yoo mite fink I shud put my head in da bag fur closah screwtinizashun, but Mama tole me not ta doo dat cuz I cud suffocates.  I fawt suffistocashun wuz a good fing, but I guess not.”

Suffocation and sophistication are NOT the same thing, Dani — even though they can both be breathtaking.  We’ll save that for another time. 

“Dis wun looks like candy” says Dani. “I doan like candy cuz cats can’t taste sweet.  Da only sweetish fing I luvs ta lick is stromberry yoGUT.”

At least the yogurt is good for the GUT, says I.  The bag could still taste of its previous contents, however.  It’s like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get.


“Dese liddle bags a’ air is fun.  ‘Cept wen yoo PURRforates dem dey makes a loud BANG!!!”

There’s more than one way to make wind, Dani, and you just discovered yet another.  No matter how you pass it, wind is always PURRcussive.

“Is good fur practisin’ my huntin’ skills doe cuz furst I hasta catch ‘em before I tears ‘em apart wif my claws an’ den gnaws dem ta deaf.”

I think you mean ‘death’ not ‘deaf’, Dani, though one may actually prefer deafness to suffering the rePURRcussions of PURRcussion.


Dani loves bubble wrap, too, of course.  It’s a nice blend between plastic bags and air-filled packing.  It does require more pressure purr pop, however — but who said stress tests were easy?

“Not ta menshun dat itza two-fur cuz bubble raps mostly comes in boxes — an’ boxes is purrhaps my secund fafurite fing.  Furst I sitz down hard on da bubble raps an’ den I rolls around on dem ovah an’ ovah again.”

It has actually become one of the more POPular feline leisure activities according to recent polls.  How ironic that a Stress Test gives a stamp of approval for stress relief!

"Now dis is da LAST STRAW!" declares Dani.  "It's sumfin I kin no longah CHEWS ta doo."

Unfortunately, there is a much more serious side to plastics.  They are the bane of our planet’s lands and oceans.  They’re a danger to all life here on Earth.

As a result, Dani has pledged to give up her plastic addiction COLD TURKEY!

“Hot Stuff!  Who wonts ta eat plastic wen yoo kin has da turkey hole wif stuffin'?” she asks.

“I sure hopes turkeys doan evah go on de In Danejaw Spee-She’s List” says Dani with trepidation.

If we clean up the rubbish and stop using plastics, they will finally be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Good Riddance!

Editor’s Note:  In my research for this article, I discovered unfortunately, that wild turkeys are already on the Endangered List. πŸ˜ΏπŸ¦ƒ


Pee Ess:  Don’t tell Dani. 

Friday, September 10, 2021


 As Dani’s grown up over the last four years, she’s had to constantly adjust her attitude.  As she learns, her opinions change; sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Except he doesn’t have a green thumb for some reason.  

OK, but first you've got to connect them (the dots, that is).

Your Auntie Val is top-notch when it comes to VALidation!

Well, this is one for your scrapbook!

You should be on Spotify!

Well, you 'Saled' right into that one!

I did.