Saturday, July 30, 2022


Dani is combining her Caturday Art and her Sunday Selfie today because it is the logical thing to do. 

The Caturday Art happens to be a picture of Dani taking a picture of herself.

If you look at the tiny screen on the camera at the end of the selfie stick, you will see that it's Dani!  It took a bit of wangling there but we finally managed it using Photo Layers; an independent little app that allows you to layer up to ten layers.  I use it for adding png images to a background picture, for instance.

So you can see with your own eyes why this is also included under Sunday Selfies.

Most of the work was done on Fotosrus.  The filters, light pens, and the collage maker came into play.  There are two very different versions of this picture; the first one uses the Retinex filter which makes it look more like an ink drawing; and the second which uses the Portrait filter and gives a much softer look.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 Dani's comedy today is all about the psychological problems of cats.  We are listing them, the cats that is, in the order of appearance.

Fur instance, Dani just doesn't believe in herself.   If her CONfidence was higher she just would have talked herself outta there and taken the gold with her!

In Dani's second script she seems much more feisty, but what is she actually gonna do about it -- fall to pizzas?

Then along comes sweet June of Zoolatry who is so tightly wound up it's unbelievable.  She really needs to learn how to handle her stress.  And June's second insight into herself reveals even more disturbing anomilies.  Methinks this one is going to require more than just a clinic!

The last three interventions from Brian's Home reveal the strange interactions within the home.  There's Simon who is doing his Dad's every bidding, all in his bid for a treat.  But we don't know what Simon has to say.

Seal badly wants approval, but after doing what's she's told, she gets anything but.  However, to be fair, I don't think Seal totally understood what she was asked to do in the first place -- there is clearly some CATmunication issues.

And finally, Brian reveals his quirky nature which requires pawsitive attention for very odd behaviour.

May I sum up, in the words of Austin Powers:  "OH BEHAVE!!!"

The doctor is in now ...

Gold darn it!

What else can you expect from a place called CowaBUNGA?

Where's the hops when you really need 'em?  See below.

How to Calm Down a Cat

You ALL need a lesson in compromEYES!

I guess what SIMON SAYS don't mean squat!

Your Mom should dish out some etiCAT lessons.

After you get some ODDiovisuals of yourself, you may want to keep things PURRivate.
Note:  I must give credit to Brian's Dad for this ODDacious idea.

Monday, July 25, 2022


 Here is Domino, my angel-kitty, in April 2012.  She is wearing her favourite dress, and is posing like the pro she was, on the deck bench in the back yard.

Pretty little thing, isn't she?  The black and white polka dot dress suits her colouring, and the soft pink bow brings out her sweet little nose.

And below is Dani Kitten in May 2017 when she was five months old.  She is wearing the same dress, which Domino bequeathed to her from on-high.
The back of the dress is better displayed in this picture due to both the pose and the lighting.  Although Dani was not as fashion conscious when she was still so young, she has grown (and over-developed) into a style connoisseur.  Domino would be proud.

They did another photoshoot, though not together.
You'll note that Domino is higher up in the clouds,
 while Dani keeps her feet closer to the ground.

"I guess yoo cud say I'm GROUNDED" says Dani.

Thank you, Domino, for starting a furmily tradition.
Why it's the stuff of legend.

Sunday, July 24, 2022


 This is Dani's first Sunday Selfie, and we wanted to make sure it didn't suck.

So instead, we made it SUCCULENT.

Dani has had a succession of successes with succulents.

Or as Sylvester would say ...


Saturday, July 23, 2022


Today Dani is posing in her version of a Classic painting.  With her penchant for dressing up, I knew she would love it.

This is the original, titled
"Girl with a Pearl Earring", by Dutch painter
Johannes Vermeer circa 1665.

Because this painting is quite famous, it has become fodder for reproductions, including one of a cat with a pearl earring, which coincidentally looks quite a bit like my Dani!

So when I came across this while browsing, I couldn't resist making a version of it for myself.

O Dani Girl with a Pearl Earring

I used an actual photograph of Dani, but painted the headdress and dress on her using Photoscape Tools for Painting.  You use the mouse as if it was a paint brush and you can mix colours as if you had an actual palette.

Dani's orientation was different from the original painting, so I tried to select one as close as possible.  Although it's still head on, she was standing further forward, so I had to adjust the costume as a result.

Photoscape is an awesome application and has been around for quite some time.  It is older and has some drawbacks (no pun intended), but also a wide range of photo-editing tools.  I found the latest version which is free to download for anyone who would like to try it.  I have really only used the Editor part of the software, and made a few GIFs over the years.

I learned to use this on my own, through trial and error.  That's one reason I stuck with the Editor part because it had most of what I needed.  There are still many other features I have not used, but you can explore to your heart's content.  

You can look up all of its features online.

Here's the link if you are interested:

It is advertised as being virus free, but as I said I downloaded mine at least 7 years ago so this is the latest version.  I have never had any problems with viruses, but you use it at your own risk, of course.

Feline Adventurous?

Friday, July 22, 2022


 Today Dani decided to incorporate her penchant for fashion into her comedy post.  She, of course, has invited friends and a couple of angels to join her in this endeavour.

Dani is first up, as always, this time closely followed by her Angel-Sisfur Domino who was the original fashionista.  Then comes baby June x Two, and her Angel-Sisfur Zoey.  June is the current MEWS of Zoolatry and Zoey, the alumna.

Of course there must be a representative of Brian's Home today, and the only one who wanted to get dressed up was Seal.  Go figure!

And last but not least is my anonymous friend's girl kitty, Freiya -- better known as Super Freiya!

Hope you enjoy the madness and all of the hat picks (and pics).

Follow where the sign points, below:

X 6

Must be due to Global SWARMING!

Domino's not lime, she's SUBlime!

No bout adoubt it, June's gonna be an EYEcon!

Sometimes, the tooth is stranger than friction!

Well, that's one way to give tit for tat -- tit for puddy tat, dat is!

And on Mondays there's a JAILBIRD SPECIAL!


Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 If you're here you probably took a STAB at this as Dani requested.  Now Dani wants to witness the outcome of the stabbing.

That's a rather POINTED question!


Here is the answer to the question: "What is Brian Doing?", which was  posed in the previous post.

Brian is sitting on his kitchen counter looking at you, looking at him.  In other words, it's "COUNTERSURVEILLANCE" Brian-style!  He's even going inCATnito with the veil, and he has his trusty sword and shield in case defensive action is required.  And, of course, there's always the army of ants to back him up if needed. 

Brian's vigilance will surely keep his counter safe from unwanted introoders.  All we can say is ...

... Bravo Brian!

And kudos to anyone who gave this a stab.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


 This is a repost of a word puzzle that I made up way back in February, 2013 for my Wendy's LOLSpot blog.  Unfortunately not everyone can access the old blog, but see below where I cut-and-pasted it.

Brian of Brian's Home stars in this beMEWSment.  Here is Dani to tell you what to do.

The question is "What is Brian doing?"  I have broken up the one-word answer into four parts. The first part relates to what is pictured for number "1", the second part to number "2", etc.   The spelling will relate to what is pictured.  You can then sound it out to get the complete word.  If you're game for it, just leave your answer in the Comments for this post.  I'll reveal the answer in the post which follows tomorrow.

?  ?  ?  ?

Good Luck!

Monday, July 18, 2022


 Dani welcomes back her Angel-Sisfur Domino in the second of a series we are calling 'Domino Wore It First".

Dani never met Domino in the fur, so to speak, but she knows all about her Supurr Model status, and tries to measure up.  Of course, now Dani is twenty plus pounds, so she has outstripped Domino in size, but at the time Dani's picture was taken in this outfit, she was probably only around six pounds -- just like Domino!

Here is the gorgeous  Domino in what I call "The Flappurr Dress".  It is very reminiscent of a style from the Roaring Twenties (1920s).  Domino was the consummate model and loved to show off her PURRowess.

This is Dani in the very same dress many years later.  She was fortunate that Domino left her such a legacy.

"I got summa my own."  says Dani.

Your own what? asks I.

"My own LEGESS, SEE!  I gots 4 a' dem."

Yes, you certainly have legs.  It's your brain I'm worried about.

To be fair, Dani did her Flapurr best, but she lacks Domino's finesse.

"I begs ta diffur" says Dani.  "I IS FINESSED -- SEE!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2022


 Most of these effects were done on FOTOSRUS.  However, first I layered the original photo of Dani using a different app called Photoscape.  I added the hat scarf and purse with it, and then found a fan of peacock feathers as an additional layer, and the last layer was the peacock-coloured curtain for the backdrop.

Then in Fotosrus, I found a complementary background and added my original picture on top of it.  Finally I used their Light Pen to highlight here and there.

For a change of pace, I used Snapseed filters to create six different effects from the same picture, and then went back to Fotosrus Collage to select different frames for the collection.

This is an Instamag frame from the Fotosrus Collage Maker.

And here is a Photo Wall from the same app.

Yet another iteration of the Collage maker.

And finally, a round-up of all six pix.

You have quite a selection of collage configurations in Fotosrus.  They change depending on the number of pictures you are combining.  Lots of fun to play around with.

Friday, July 15, 2022


Dani's comedy cut-ups each have a distinctive catcall, and most of them live kittycorner to one another.  Yes, the world is indeed a small place, or more likely they've changed the criteria for juxtaPAWSition!

Dani is starting off with an oldie, but goodie, which isn't anywhere near her current habitat.  She's in Paris and refuses to engage in sightseeing.  Dani's second joke isn't really a joke.  It's more something she believes in deeply.  Deep pockets, that is.

Next up is June of Zoolatry, who likes to cut to the chase.  Then we've got each of the three cats from Brian's Home; Seal, Brian, and Simon.  We enlarged the meme of Seal so you could look into her eye.

And last of all there is Sox, who is Dani's nephew, and used to appear on this blog regularly before he went back home.

So let's get on with the show ...

Mind your own business, please.
We've got enough of our own.

Good call -- your beret could get crushed when you land on it!

Actually, everyone in Canada is penniless. 
 They just don't make them anymore.

Nobody likes when the yolk is on them!

My, IRON MAN sure has changed!  I take it wrinkles don't SUIT him.

Recommendation:  NEVER call someone with a hammer, a TOOL.
It's bloody dangerous!

Better do what Simon Says.
Or you'll be marching to the beat of NO drums.
NO eardrums, that is.

Wee'd appreciate your help with ours, too.
How much do you charge (or is it discharge)?

The BUMpurr sticker!