Friday, December 30, 2022


 Dani doesn't know whether to be fearful or upbeat about 2023, but she has her friends to commune with no matter the outcome.

Dani starts off with a nod or two to the New Year.  Then June of Zoolatry puts in her two cents.  In the U.S. they still have pennies unlike we bereft Canooks.

Two of the younger members of the kitty crew at Brian's Home are up next.  Sister Kiki and little sister Macy are front and center.

Rosie of 15andMeowing and Mudpie of MochasMysteriesMeows each take a turn.  Then our old friend Ernie of IslandCats helps us wrap things up in the finale.

So into the unknown we go as 2023 gets ever closer ...

Note:  This is Kiki opining.  Grace is in witness protection.

Note:  Purrsonally, I believe in tipping well for a job well done.  The cat's comments do not reflect on the management of this blog whatsoever.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 We hope your Christmas was a poster-session for the holidays.  But, now we have crossed the line into the actual post-Christmas phase, where you have to tally up all the damage in terms of your budget.

Dani knows this feline only too well.  Dada bought her an iPhone as a gift, so now she's using it to do some calculations.  She's never been a calculating sort of cat, but now it is a necessity.

So Dani is first up and very purrturbed.  Even her second attempt to be a nice girl is garnering ridicule.  I think she deserves some aPAWS for being so selfless.  Miss June makes an appearance here along with Dani because they are BFFs.

June of Zoolatry then provides another one-two punch.  Not only has she purrformed in an exemplary manner, but she managed to infuse a little of her purrsonal humour into it at the same time.

Next up are Kiki and Simon of Brian's Home.  Kiki's a little HISSterical.  She's actually funny and angry at the same time.  Not an easy thing to do considering these two emotions come from different parts of the brain.  TMI.  Simon is proud to show off his mastery of Meat and Greet.

Rudy and Rusty of 15andMeowing are putting their future at risk by taunting Santa.  Never a good idea!

Mudpie of  MochasMysteriesMeows has returned in triumph after modelling mud-concealing CATmouflage.

The rest of the memes/pictures today are from the old days.  Unfortunately, I can't identify the kitties but the jokes still stand.

So, relax and let your mind wander ...



Saturday, December 24, 2022


 How art thou, Dani?

"My Daddy says I'mma little too 'artsy fartsy' for him, so I'm off ta take sum GAS-X so I don't offend."


Snapseed HDR + Fotorus Light Pens

Pixala + Fotorus Light Pens

Pixala + Fotorus Light Pens

Pixala + Fotorus Light Pens

Distressed FX Sherbert

Distressed FX Pith

"Mission accomplish'd!"

Why Dani's gone electric!
No more greenhouse gases for her.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022


 Dani was very excited to host this Christmas Special co-starring her friends.  In fact she worked so hard that she fell asleep when it was time to start the show!  We also kind of purraphrased what should have been "not a creature was stirring".  But you still get the same drift.  I have recycled the second LOL out of consideration for the environment, and the same can be said of Sox's mewtilation of the iconic Socrates.

Along with a couple of June of Zoolatry's lollygags, there is another with three of her Mom's grandpups in Santa mode.  I guess you can even say they are 'a la mode'.

Brian's Home contributors today include Brian himself, Kiki, and babycats Macy and Maxwell.  In this group, all but Brian are celebrating their First Christmas.

Next up are three kitties from 15andMeowing, trying their hardest to share but one gift.  And bringing up the rear (so to speak) is none other than Mudpie of MochasMysteriesMeows.  She is taking a back seat no more as she is the spokescat and face of a new line of Mudwear.  Why it's a veritable Christmas miracle!

We hope you enjoy this festive gathering of a difurse group of cats.  Have a very Furry Purry Christmas one and all!

This furst one has a Sleepurr Claws ...

(Note:  For anyone who may not be aware, they call diapurrs 
NAPPIES in Britain)

(Note:  The name of the Booster Juice selection is:  UNBEETABLE.  Yes, really!)