Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Dani's sleeping in her favourite box.  It's just the right size for her (and she is quite a long cat).

 Her box is located right under the TV, but all of that noise doesn't bother her a bit.

Sweet dreams, baby Coon!

Well, what do you know? 

She's sleep-fishing ... reel 'em in, Dani!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Dani just got a new dress for Christmas, but I couldn't talk her out of waiting to wear it.  She even begged me and promised she would pose really nicely, so I gave in.  So what if there are snowflakes on it and it hasn't even snowed yet!

Dani thinks this dress is really pretty in red with white lace trim and white snowflakes on the skirt.  She is wearing one of her fafurite fascinators also in red and white.  Her necklace is silver with a white and red crystal pendant.  Her bracelet is also shimmering with red gems.

Dani's purse is made of faux red alligator leather with a silver alligator clasp.

"Is not FAUX nuttin' dat we buys imitation leathah. 
 Alligatahs has rites, too even doe sumtimes we hasta put dem in dere place." 

"See ya latah, alligatah!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


The week before last was my Mama's birthday.  Some of her friends threw her a "stoop party" to celebrate her 65th.

Here they are arriving.  Susan, who lives across the street, organized and set up the party.  She brought birthday balloons, and made special curly ribbons with a six and a five in them.  Each of the guests brought some food and Susan served tea.

 The other thing that Susan did was make 'fascinators' for efurryone.  Here is my Auntie Renate, Auntie Susan and Auntie Val each wearing one.  Of course there was one for Mama, too, but she was busy taking the pictures.

 Here is Auntie Susan trying to tantalize me wif one of those curlified ribbons.

 Hmmmm, they are quite interesting...

... but then I remembered that I was on a leash and then it wasn't so aMEWSing anymore.

 At least I got some special attention.  Auntie Renate stooped by to give me a pat.

And then my Dada came out to join the crowd.  I think he really came just for the snacks 'cause ...

... they made him wear a 'fascinator', too!  He looked happy but looks can be misleading.

And I never thought they would stoop so low -- but they did.  After Dada had enough, they put the friggin' fascinator on me!

Now you might say you see pictures of me in hats all the time, but Mama uses photoshops to do that.  This was a real one.

I wish I could say I had a ball, but I didn't!

I guess the most impawtant fing is that Mama had a good time.  So to 'make up' for bein' so grouchy, I let her put make-up on me.  Now that's what I call really gettin' the brushoff!

Friday, October 12, 2018


Dani's really rocking her latest frock.  I guess you could say she's frockin' it!

Dani is sublime all dressed up in autumn tones.  That's because the russet colour also matches those same hues in her fur.

She has chosen accessories that complement her dress.  Her coppurr-coloured, wide-brimmed sinamay hat is simply stunning with its accents of petite brown leaves and flowers culminating in a large translucent bow on top.

Her necklace is made of pink gold highlighted with burnished gems.  She's also sporting a gold tiger's eye ring on her pretty paw -- a nod to the big cat within.   

Her purrse, made of snakeskin, has a coppurry-metallic appearance and lights up when touched by the sun.     

The frock is feminine and fabulous in an amber polka-dot fabric with a band of lace and pearls at the neck, a lace-trimmed bow fastened with pearl at the waist, and a double-tiered skirt also trimmed in lace.

Truth be told, though, Dani is the most upbeat when released from her clothing constraints.  She enjoys modelling for a short time, but there's nothing quite like being naked.

"I'm doin' my happy dance!!!" she exclaims.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


Dani was out (though not about) in the front garden yesterday.  She just quietly sat and soaked in the surroundings.

 "Well, I dunno how far yoo finks I kin go wen yoo keeps me on a string!" says Dani in frustration.

Dani's not very happy because she's on a leash, but when I edit the photos I make it disappear.  It's an affront to her sense of truth, as well as her freedom.
"Let's face it, she's just stringin' us all along!"

But eventually, the truth will always come to light.
"Harrumph!" says Dani.