Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Snow is efurrywhere and, unfortunately, Dani is in a box on the front porch.  It was placed there to keep her tootsies warm.

That is why she is willing to stay put, but rather than bemoan her plight she is taking in the sight of the wonder of white spread out before her.

Though there is very little freedom in her boxed-in condition, she can still take advantage of all of her available senses to enjoy the situation.

“Is all a mattah of CATtitude.” says Dani very wisely.

“On de udder paw, wen da box starts closin’ in  around yoo itz enuff ta start alarm bells ringin”

“Mefinks is time ta release da Beast wifin.”

Whichever way you look at it, CATtitude can be CAThartic!

Friday, January 22, 2021


Dani is just itching to get rid of these bugs.

"Dey is reely buggin' me!!!" says she.

"Dey even insisted on usin' dere own deck 'o cards.
Not only dat but dey cheets!"

"Well, I hassa "trick" up my own furry sleeve.
I'm jus' gonna DISCARD 'em."

Yes, indeed, Dani has given those bugs their walking papers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Dani's out in the woods taking in all of the winter wonders, including a couple of chicks ... or chickadees, rather.

"Wen yoor in da woods, dey treats yoo like a God"  says Dani referring to the birds.

"But wen yoo takes dem home -- dey just walks all over yoo!"

"Boy, dat wuz fun" says one chickadee to another.
"We'll hafta come back an' doo it again!" 
They nod in agreement.

"Yes" says Dani.  "Why don't yoo drop by fur lunch."

Friday, January 15, 2021


 Dani was in the dark until she saw something suspicious.

She couldn’t decide whether to run or to stay put.  Little did she know there was something behind her.

Or maybe even TWO somethings!

Well, this is your blog, Dani -- maybe they're just Ghost Writers wanting to help. What do you think? 

"I fink I'm gonna make a call" says Dani.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Dani is on watch in her neighPURRhood for anything nefarious.

And boy did she get an eyeful!  If that rogue squirrel thought he was going to get away with the goods, he must be nuts.

"Who duz dis punk fink he is anyway?" asks Dani.

Geez, those anarchists are efurrywhere these days!  We'll need more than just the neighPURRhood Watch to take care of it, methinks.  This calls for ...

At your service.

Friday, January 8, 2021


Dani's comedy tends to be a little on the crass side, but that's just one side of her.  Unfortunately, you won't see a different side of her anytime soon -- at least when it comes to her sense of humour.

"Remind me NOT ta order teriyaki inna restoraunt anytime soon --

 -- or yakitori fur dat matter!"

"An' furget about yoor beestly yaks cuz all dey likes ta do is yack it up an' dey goes on an' on an' on ...

... an' after dat dey blows dere own horn!  Ya, like itz all about yoo, yoo yak-a-doodle!"

"All in all even doe I'm not into yaks of any kind, I seem ta be obsessed wif dem.  Oh no!  
Doan tell me, I'mma ...


Tuesday, January 5, 2021


It seems that Dani has a secret admirer.  Was it someone from the New Year's Eve party purrhaps?

Dani is thinking and thinking who it could be.  She wants to have a boyfriend but needs to know who it is first.

Is it love unrequited, or is it really quite something?

"Wotever it is" says Dani "da future looks rosy!"

Friday, January 1, 2021


 Dani presided over a wild New Year's Eve party last night.

Dani was all dressed up and had decorated the place from top to bottom.  

The party was PAWSome!!!

Dani even invited her friend Oxymoron because 2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox. Oxymoron got his name because he tends to be rather contradictory even with himself.  Dani presented him with a bottle of gin because Oxy's favourite substance is Oxygin.

"Getta whiff a' that!" says he.

It seems he gets happy just on the fumes!

They all celebrated at the stroke of midnight with indoor fireworks.  Dani had found some that simply evaporate after exploding, so no damage is done.

This morning Dani is exhausted but happy.  It's New Year's Day and it feels like a new start after a very bad 2020.  All of the world's problems haven't disappeared but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here's hoping 2021 will be much easier to bear!