Tuesday, April 25, 2023


 Dani has a full slate today.  She took only one shortcut by recycling her second gag.  Give her a break because this whole thing was a lot of work.  

Following Dani are two of her furbling angels; Dante and Dylan formerly of my 3-D Cats.

Dani's bestie, June of  Zoolatry is up next, sporting polka dots (her fave).  Dani was instrumental in finding her hat.  June's idea of a journey differs from most, but where she lives the carpet IS her indoor terrain.

Brian and Maxwell of  Brian's Home do their utmost to make you laugh.  Maxwell has declared the ottoman as his purrsonal territory, and Brian's tactic echoes real life events.

Mudpie of Mochas,Mysteries&Meows has taken up boxing.  She is even wearing a Rocky Balboa hat for inspurration.

And finally, two of Ellen's kitties from 15andMeowing end the show in a flurry of fluorescence!  

So, now that the way is lit, feel free to page down at your leisure ...

Dani IS the Cat's Meow!

Monday, April 24, 2023


Dani was out on the front porch mewsing about her relatives who had come before.  She had actually met Dylan, but he was soon gone, as well.

Collectively, they were called the 3-D Cats; Domino was the smallest but most dominant; Dylan tentative but ultimately friendly, and Dante was the behemoth of the group, but the gentlest as well.

Domino liked to keep in touch with efurryone.  You wouldn't be surprised to see her inside your house if you had a pet door, or waiting for you in your car if you left the trunk temporarily ajar.  She owned it all -- even the street in front of our house.  She would lie in the middle of the road sometimes, and make the oncoming car slow down and go around her.  I don't know how she avoided being hit.  It must have been due to her powerful forcefield!  Fierce was she.

Dylan was a scaredy-cat who often had a look of alarm on his face, topped off with wonky ears pointed in polarized positions.  I was fortunate, here, to catch him in a yawn coinciding with one of his panic attacks.

The result was a happy happenstance right down to the unforeseen 'lime light' element in the background, positioned precisely over the middle of his head.  What joy!  Dylan had finally found the limelight he had so fervently PURRsued.  This picture is a triumphant tribute to him.

Dante was a presence you couldn't ignore, largely due to his gargantuan dimensions combined with his eternal winsomeness.  But then he was just being true to his breeding in looks and in disposition (this position was one of his finest, by the way).  He was a true gentle giant, as are most of his PURRsuasion -- Maine Coons, that is.  There was not a mean bone in his body.  Of course with his copious coat of fur, none of his bones were discernible, anyway. 

Dante was a loyal subject to Domino, and the bestest bestie to Dylan, not to mention a plush and pleasing pet to his proud parents.

So, if you're in the vicinity and a butterfly flutters by, it's very likely a 3-D Angel crossing your path.  Take a moment to drink in its heavenly 'sent' and the spirit which it begets.  Get it?  Good.

"On borrowed wings, I catch da wind beneath me"  says Dani.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


 No, this doesn't mean Dani et it all!  It includes efurrybuddy hereunder.  And today 'et al' includes some angels, some anonymous and a bunch of familiars.  

Of course, you all know the MC and Maine Coon, Dani.  Hitched to her tail are, in this order:  Anonymous in Pink, June of Zoolatry in the next couple of comedy slots, Kiki and Seal of Brian's Home.  Then two angels, the iconic Eric and Flynn of  Memories of Eric and Flynn put in their two scents.  And then comes along the indomitable Mudpie of Mochas, Mysteries, Meows with another Anonymous trailing her.

This week I captioned the same photo twice of Rosie from 15andMeowing.  I didn't know which one was better, so I'd like your opinion, please.  Choose between Exhibit A or Exhibit B somewhere below, and let me know.  Of course, the third option is to say nothing.

Let's get on with the PURRade ...

Which one is best, Exhibit A or Exhibit B?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Ith Eethstah ovah yet?
I'm gettin' a liddle dithy.

CATcha latah!


Tuesday, April 4, 2023


 Dani is here again.  It's Tuesday and a number of her chums have so kindly agreed to join us.

Dani is MC'ing once more because she's the only Maine Coon available.  June of Zoolatry; Brian, Maxwell, Seal and Macy of Brian's Home; Mudpie of Melissa's Mochas Mysteries and Meows; Rosie of 15andMeowing along with Katie Isabella of her self-named blog have all given their time to entertain you

This is the most I can do right now, taking into consideration my brain fog.  So even if you don't laugh, a smile will do.