Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 Dani's back on schedule this week with some of her usual suspects, plus a different one from the old Wendy's LOL-Spot days, circa 2015 in this case.

There is one joke of Dani's where I have placed my Rude Warning ahead of it.   So you can just bypass it if you think it might be bothersome to your sensibilities.

Other than that our line-up is as follows:  Dani does her thing in the first two spots, followed by my Angel-Cat Domino.  Then we have sweet June of Zoolatry who is above question.  Simon of Brian's Home should give you a giggle.  And finally there's Hammy (Diego Hamlet) of Rumblebum.  His nickname plus the name of the blog may give you a hint as to what it's all about.

Dani has now regained her decorum (LOL), and is itching to start the show.  So don't FLEA, just be.

Don't let her fool you -- Dani's busy LAMPooning herself again.

You might end up begging for apPEASement there, Dani!

I've heard of ducking and diving, but swans are a new one for me.

WARNING :  COTTONing on to Q-Tips may leave you dehydrated.

The trip by MONORAIL is risky in itself.  An attack by a swarm of angry racocoons would just CAP that off!  I sure hope Simon brought his CAP gun.

Does this qualify as Makin' Bacon?

Alternate method for letting one fly!

Monday, June 27, 2022


 This is Dani Kitten at five months old.  It is my friend Val's finger which is attempting to admonish the little one because, of course, I was behind the camera.

Isn't it just awesome how fiercely feminine (or femininely fierce) Dani was even at that age?  It also qualifies as AWWWsome because she's so darn cute.

She was likely thinking "Oh boy, here comes some finger food!  They sure look joosy."

If anyone was afraid, it should have been Val.

Here they are, complete with bun
and some "catsup".


Saturday, June 25, 2022


 This week I am featuring fairies.  Dani is one of them, of course, but she inherited her fairyness from Domino, my Angel Cat.  The dress was Domino's first, so I thought it only fair (y) to include her.

It should be noted that Domino was a fully grown kitty when her pictures were taken.  She never weighed more than 7 lbs.

Dani, on the other paw, was a seven-month old kitten when her pictures were taken.  She is now a fully grown Maine Coon weighing in at 22 lbs.

Domino Wings It

This effect was created in Photoscape using their Watercolor Filter.

Domino Unfiltered

This picture of Domino was edited in Photoscape to intensify the contrast, and that's about it, plus the minimal frame, of course.

Dani Out of the Box

Well, she's all over the box really, but not inside it!  Again, I used Photoscape with their 'Make a Box Filter'.  The only other things I did were to heighten the contrast and to frame it.  I scour the internet for PNG frames and have quite a collection.

Time for Reflection

In this version, I used Photoscape's Reflection in Flower Texture to emboss the picture (not including the frame).

This is not of my doing, but it felt like a fitting ending to this 
fluttering figment of our collective imagination.

Friday, June 24, 2022


Dani is pleased to present some new comedy today with one older exception.  As usual she has her little helpurrs doing their bits.  I can truly say they are little because Dani is a behemoth (or in her case a beSHEmoth) in comparison.

Dani starts off in the first PAWSition, followed by June of Zoolatry with another two-fur.  Then comes Brian, Seal and Simon of Brian's Home with a solo Brian and a Simon-Seal duo.

My angel Dylan stops by at the end, to make a comment on Mommy's friends.  It's an oldie but a goodie from the Cheezburger Days.

Take it away, Dani ...

Cuz when Dani drank the Goat-tea, she got hairs stuck in her chinny-chin-chin.
Not exactly apPETizing!

Purrhaps you could use a little bit of 'Cruise Control'.  That could be exciting!  I wonder if Tom's available?

You might say June is beside herself trying to figure things out!

She wanted to give you efurry PAWSibility she could think of.

Seal has to whisper 'cause her airway's been cut off!
Be careful what you wish for.

After this, Brian's gonna GORGE on his supPURR!

Dylan seems somewhat disMAYed.
 It must be the MAHma's boy coming out in him!

Monday, June 20, 2022


Hi, itz me, Dani.  I am heer today to introduce yoo to my Angel Sisfur, Domino.  Some of you may know her from Wendy's 3-D Cats.  She was a tiny tuxy cat wif a feerce purrsonality.  Domino was talented an' brave.
Wen she wuz still yung, she took ballet lessons.  She wuz very good en pointe, which means standin' on her toes.

Here's sum pichurs of her practisin'.  She wuz very flexibull an' just look at dat balance!

When Domino wuz a liddle oldah, she started to teech ballet.  Her school wuz call'd "Mademoiselle Domino's School of Ballet".  She taught all the liddle girls an' didn't mind dat dey wuz mice.  Domino wuz puttin' togethah an ice show titled "Mice on Ice".

Acoarse wif Domino orkestratin' it, it wuz a reel suckcess.

An' finely, heer is Domino on our Wall of Memory at home.

Domino is not just on da wall; she hassa purrmanent place in our hearts and minds.

Purrhaps she will inspires yoo to keep on yoor toes, too.

Saturday, June 18, 2022


Here is Dani posed prettily on her porch chair.  I darkened the overall image using Photoscape and highlighted specific areas using their Effects Tool which allows you to brighten by moving your mouse over the location you want to affect.  It's almost like painting with your mouse!

Et voila!  It almost looks like a painting from a renaissance painter.

This is something I found on the internet by googling "Maine Coon Renaissance Painting".  So I edited it a little on Photoscape to make it look a little more like Dani.

Why she's a regular Dani Lisa!

Here's the link to the original:  Pinterest

Thursday, June 16, 2022


 That is the question.  There are several species of bees that are currently on the Endangered List and more which are precariously close to being added.  Though there are a number of reasons why the bee population has declined, like pesticides and loss of habitats, the number one reason is Climate Change.

Bees are very important to the entire world.  They pollinate billions of plants every year, including agricultural crops.  Without them many plants we rely on for food would die off.  And because bees pollinate wild plants as well, they provide food for wild animals.  

Many tree species couldn't grow if bees weren't around to pollinate them.  It's the same for the plants in your garden.  These trees and plants serve as home to hundreds of small creatures, like birds and squirrels down to the tiniest of insects.  None of them could survive if bees were gone because their habitats and food would disappear.

I don't know about you, but I am extremely thankful for bees.  So don't swat at any of them.  If you just stay still, they will move on.  Believe me bees don't want to sting you because they lose their stingers and die.

So we all have to behave for beehives to thrive.

Bees are an ecological necessity, and they are beautiful as well.  Dani's so stoked about them that she has dressed in bee purraphenalia to promote their continuing existence.

So when Lennon and McCartney wrote "Let it Bee" in 1969, they were really ahead of their time.  However, bees need to keep on "beeing" and the only answer is to make some real strides in Climate Change.  

See those "Bee's Knees"?  The whole world needs them.
They're the best!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


 Today we have a mix of new and old funnies.  Most are still new but we threw in a couple of oldies and goodies.

Dani starts off today with a double; the first is a new meme and the second is older.  Then comes our friend, June of Zoolatry who's into some brand new sheet.  Simon of  Brian's Home shows up being PAWlite for a change, and that's certainly diffurent!

Our first woofie friend to join us today is River Song of Small Tales, and she's always as sweet as can be, especially that little face of hers.

Finally, we have an oldie from the days of Wendy's LOLspot.  The blog is no longer there but it was named after their dog and cat (Mollie and Alfie); Mollie being the former, and Alfie being the latter.  So this is our second dog of the day!  Does this make it a dog day of summer, do you think?

You never know what might happen when 
you're up against a shady character.

And here I thought she was in neutral!

June clearly has a sheet fetish!

Simon says "Please"???

Perhaps you should pick the funny bone River, 'cause you're hilarious!

O booger!  The saltier, the better.

  Before you go, here's just one more parting (or should I say farting?) shot from Dani:

Sample Size

Monday, June 13, 2022


 It's Awww Monday, and what could be more loveable than a kitten.  And this one is dressed in red with Oriental flair to spare!

She's what I call ...


The "POW" is 'cause she's POWERFUL.  

Just look at this battle between Dani and her dress.

It might have helped that she was teething at the time, 'cause dang those things were sharp!

And who do you think was the loser?

Well, it sure wasn't Kung-Pow Kitten -- why she's pawsitively electric!

Here's what she had to say: 

"I hadst a close brush wif dat Death Dress, but I won cuz I has so much more PAWSitive energy (not ta menshun I sharpened my teeths).  Dat's wot PAWSitively makes yoo Powerful -- PAWSitivity."

Well said, O little but Powerful One!