Friday, April 30, 2021


 Dani never had any illusions about her IT knowledge -- and for good reason.  However, this doesn't mean that she's not the "It Girl" anymore.  Things like that are beyond question.

OK, so let's address the situation.  As the service clearly isn't any good at this Litter Provider, Dani decided to try something else. 

So, of course, this necessitated getting a new IP Address.

I'm proud to announce that Dani has a new and improved litterbox where she can pee anytime she likes.

Not bad for a non-IT "It Girl", eh?

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 Dani's looking forward to flowers.  There aren't any out there blooming in the yard yet.  Just give it a month, I say.  The month of May, that is.

To this picture I applied a "Bloom" filter, so at least Dani is blooming at the moment.

To tide her over, Dani's Dada bought her a small bouquet.  She is clutching them tightly so she won't drop them and have all the petals fall out.

"I noe  -- I'll hasta put on my bloomahs" said she.  
"An' heer dey is ..."

"It giffs me da buttahflies -- tee hee!"

"Muddah, May I?"

Friday, April 23, 2021


 Dani is indeed disturbed today, but the reason isn't immediately obvious.

What did your Dada do to you that was so bad, Dani?  Why did you take all his socks, and dirty ones at that?

"It wuzn't my Dada dat did me da dirty. Wen I wuz still at da cattery dey stuffed me inna sock an’ hanged me out ta dry.”

"An' den rite aftah dat, dey scare't me wif sock puppets ... Eeeeeeek!!!”

Well, that’s NOT EEKologically friendly, I must say.

"Now I hasta steal all my Dada's socks so he cant do da same fing ta me. Mebbe he won't mean 
ta do it, but I cant take da chance."

"Funny doe ...

... dere's wun fing I finds seductive about soiled socks an' dat is DA SMELL!"  

Ever since Sox left to go home to his own Dad, Dani has been hankering for a whiff of her old friend.    I guess this means that Sox actually smells like old socks.  Who knew?

Methinks all this begs the question:

SOCKologically devastated or PURRvert?

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 Dani has no idea how pretty she really is.  And when I told her she was delightful she said ...

"I begs ta diffur.  I is not full of anyfing rite now an' sertinly not any delites."

With that Dani proceeded to detail many of the things that she finds delightful and here is her To-PURRocure list:

"Hey Sue, how is yoo?"
"She tends ta be a liddle shy."

"Dis wun's call'd Fin an' he's wavin' us in."

"Here's one frum Ratatouille. I’d reely relish
summa dose ratty rations!”

"I shur wud luv sum chickin tendahs,
 but I guess I hasta getta jump on 'em furst!"

"Now dis is a reel deliCATcy!  Wunce yoo opens
dem yoo hasta eat 'em fast or dey gets away."

It was at this point that I'd had enough -- and I said so:
"ENOUGH! I have one offer and one offer only."
What about an entire bag of cat treats?

"I'd be delited!!!" said she.

Friday, April 16, 2021


You couldn't really call Dani courageous; she tends to err on the side of caution.  

Dani knows but one word in French, and that is "Non" which translates to "No" in English.  So Dani made sure that her views about scaling the Eiffel Tower are very clear.  She doesn't want any misunderstandings.

"Non" says Dani.  "I duzn't tolerates any Nonsense."

I think Dani must have insulted the Francophones because many of them got out their phones and reported her to authorities.  Now the search lights are on, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking for her.
  Run, Dani, run!

But don't go to the harbour because they don’t like fugitives there either.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 Dani has a new dress.  She hasn't had a new one since early 2020.  

Why you may ask.  Well, Dani is quite a big girl even for a Maine Coon female.  She is very tall and weighs in around 22 lbs.  Maine Coons can grow for up to five years and she is currently 4 years old, so we are hoping it will stop now.

Generally I buy her clothing made for little dogs, and they normally only go up to a size XL.  Well, Dani needs at least a 2XL now and they are exceedingly difficult to find.  

This latest dress in red, and blue with touches of white, is a pretty good fit though I could only get the first couple of buttons done up.  They are difficult to snap together, too, because her long fur always gets in the way.

Anyway, above you will find her latest outfit, complete with a red fascinator with lace brim, a fancy bird necklace and a purse which coordinates nicely with it all.

Below you can see a close up of the back of Dani's dress which has a white band at the waist with deliCAT flowers and two red bows.

And this is Dani's beautiful necklace in detail.  It's a brilliant red and blue bird pendant on gold:

If you listen closely you may hear Dani humming.  PURRhaps she is humming along with the birds that have so nicely situated themselves beside her.  What a picture of harmonious beauty they are!

Now if they could only hum along in tune...

Friday, April 9, 2021


 Dani has a very creative side to her.  Unfortunately that side is rather far out.

"I has a natural cache-ay!" says she.

Have you thought about how you'll get rid of the spiders when your web is finished?

"Yup, I'll get my handy dandy tweezahs an' pluck 'em."

One thing that girl doesn't suffer from is a PAWcity of pluck! 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021


 Dani was simply enjoying the fresh spring air.  When she's in the porch chair she can watch everything that's going on on the street.  At least as far as the curve 'round the corner.

"Dere's so many dorgs out dere.  Ware's all da pussycats?"

"Let's face it, I'm in a minority."

"Mebbe we shud has our own country called "CATnada" an' put diffurent kinds a' cats on all our money. Dat way we cud still has sum diFURsity, but be completely dorgless."

"An' no more dorgy doo-doo!”

Pee Ess:  The author of this blog does not necessarily agree with the opinions stated herein.  I am an equal opportunity animal lover.