Thursday, October 31, 2019


Dani has used her magical powers as a Hallowe'en fairy to make herself a little younger.  She loves to revisit her youth (even though she's still only two-and-a-half).

"I may has gone a liddle batty, but I fawt today it wuz appurropriate." says she.

"Besides I has a affinity fur bats cuz we both has wings."

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Sox is in the front garden.

"Doan get me wrong, I loves dis garden, but ...

... dis is ware I'd rathah be."

"We cats prefurs da wild, but is still nice ta come home at da end of da day."

Suppurr's ready!

Friday, October 18, 2019


Sox is having a good old chaw on his paw.

 "I likes ta keep it clean" says he fastidiously.

 "But efurry now an' den I hasta take a break."

"I guess yoo cud say I wuz takin' a PAUSE from da PAWS!
But is jus' so tasty I cudn't wait ta get back to it." 

Sometimes PAWS is all you KNEAD!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Dani has always been intrigued by unicorns.  Except she thinks they're called "Unique Horns" because each of them has a horn like no other.

So today, Dani has decided to dress as a "Unique Horn" and she has indeed succeeded in her quest.

Dani's horn is front and center on top of her head, held in place by unique-horn ears and decorated with a band of flowers.  She has also chosen to wear a unique-horn necklace which matches her dress quite nicely.  Dani's dress, itself, declares her uniqueness.  It flat out says:  "I'M UNIQUE".

Her purrse is as colourful as her dress and her head gear and it, too, bears the image of a unique-horn.

Last, but not least, is her new cuddly toy which is another unique-horn and this one has wings!
"Fly liddle unique-horn -- fly, fly!" 

Dani has stocked up on unique horns for the future, and here are just a few of them:
For occasions when Dani feels "in the pink"

To wear when she's feline blue.

PURRple for when she's feline content.

Finally, there's a white one decorated with fuschia in
case she's confused over which one to pick.

Surprise!  Just when we thought that was all, Dani pulls another one (dare I say) out of her hat.  It's the brightest and most multi-coloured unique-horn I've ever seen, at least in this galaxy!

And here's to the mythical beast that has inspired it all!

"Wot duz yoo mean mythical?  As far as I kin tell,
I'm not mythin' anyfing.  I gots it all!"  declares Dani.

Friday, October 4, 2019


Sox is a very fast kitty.  Most notably when he's playing, he moves at lightning speed, or at least faster than the shutter speed on my camera.

In these pictures, he is attempting to catch a small branch which is being dangled tantalizingly in front of him.  His efforts to move 'on the double' have actually created a double image!

 In this picture, he was only moving his head, so you get double the ears.  Eary isn't it?

In this shot, Sox was moving his entire uppurr body, so the image appears to be twins -- and conjoined twins at that!

"I'm ackshully BESIDE MYSELF --  is shocking!!!"
says Sox.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Sox is a very playful kitty.  From time to time he likes to get up to a little "Hokey Pokey".

"Put yoor left paw in
Put yoor left paw out
Put yoor left paw in
An' shake it all abowt

Put yoor rite paw in
Put yoor rite paw out
Put yoor rite paw in
An' shake it all abowt

Let's doo da Hokey Pokey
An' dat's wot it's all abowt!"

"Aftah dat, I'm ALL in!" declares Sox.