Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Dani and I are attempting to harken back to the old way of presenting Cat LOLs.  I say attempt because I am not using the signature software of the era.

However, I did try to keep it shorter, but I don't know if these will hit the mark or not.  There are basically two broad black bands; one across the top and one on the bottom.  My suggestion is that you read the two bands first before delving into anything written in the body of the LOL.

Dani and Domino star separately in the first six LOLs; followed by June of Zoolatry in the next two.  Bringing it home in the last three are the cats of Brian's Home, namely Kiki, Brian and Simon.  Kiki's tail and ears also appear in the Spare Pawts Depawtment, though they may be hard to detect.  See if you can find them.

So I did my best for now.  Here's hoping I'm heading in the right direction.

Let's get on with it ...


So give it to me straight.  Choose one below:





Over and Out.

Monday, August 29, 2022


Dani and Domino are back in their eighth iteration of "Domino Wore It First".  Don't worry, we just want to make it to Ten.

Domino is pictured here in September 2012 and Dani's photo is from September 2017.

I guess this dress is a "September Special".

The dress is a very pretty and classy little black-and-pink-polka-dot number.  It has a wide collar, black lace bodice, and is belted with pink scalloped lace at the waist culminating in bow.

It is very tasteful, and for that you have to credit Domino as she originally picked it out.  Both girl kitties look very comfortable and at ease in it, too (which is a BOWnus, just like the bow itself).

 Domino, who had many years experience as a model, makes quite an unconventional pose, but that was our Domino.  She was a very dominant little pussycat.

Dani was a kitten at the time, so is posing very tentatively, though still effectively, when it comes to showing off that dress.  Unfortunately, she has long since outgrown it, so this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.  At least it has been captured for PAWSterity!

Here are a couple of close-ups of the two kitty girls.  Both have their own internal beauty which radiates out through their eyes.  So I guess the "eyes have it"!  Domino had such gorgeous deep green eyes, and Dani's are a lovely amber.

Domino returns to on-high to keep an eye on earthly happenings.

And Dani returns to one of her fafurite pastimes -- hunting bugs.
It suits her to a tea!

See ya next week for Number IX.

Sunday, August 28, 2022


 Dani wanted me to post this selfie of her Great, Great, Great ... Aunt Gabriella in 1922.  Gabriella was ahead of her time in figuring out how to take a selfie to begin with. 

Here is the since-framed result of Aunt Gabriella's first selfie.  Naturally, it is in the sepia tones that were indicative of the times.

Gabriella used a camera similar to this one, except the cord with the trigger that activated the camera was much longer.  

She pawsitioned the camera first, in front of the chair, and tucked the cord beneath herself so it was impurrceptible.  The trigger was concealed between her paws.  Et voila!

Dani is very proud of her Great, Great, Great ... Aunt Gabriella as she was a PIONEER in her field.  She just couldn't get near enough to all those catnip pies out there in the pasture!

Aunt Gabriella's friends simply called her "Gabby" because, truth be told, she just never shut up.  "MEow, MEow, MEow!"  All she talked about was herself and what she liked to do.

Get a load of this:

Thank heavens for Silent Films!

That's all for MEOW.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 Dani is ceding her space today to allow her Mama to do a retrospective of her "I CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER" Days.  These span roughly 2009 to mid-2012.  Dani really didn't mind as I gave her plenty of incentive, witness ...

Dani is so very often 'Tongue in Cheek' but today
 she is literally 'Tongs Underfoot'!

Mama says "These are some of my best from the early days when I knew that sometimes 'less is more'."

In no purrticular order, and mostly anonymous ...