Monday, May 29, 2017


Dani's doing that modelling thing again.

 "But furst I needs a snack!" says she.

 She is wearing a red polka dot dress with black hood with ears and a bow.

 "Is ackshully a Minnie Mouse cozzie" remarks she.

 "'Cept I ain't no MOUSE!"

"How humiliatin' -- get dese ears offa me!" 

"I'll give yoo a tip or two.  My Maine Coon ears is much more fabulous."

"An' da only kinda mouse I wants around me is one like dis.
Time fur anuddah snack!"

Friday, May 26, 2017


Hi,  Dani here.  I only knew my brofur Dylan for such a short time, but I already loved him.

Even though he was much older, he would still run and play with me.  This picture was taken on Day 2 in my new home, and we were already sympatico.  I loved to jump on his tail when he was swishin' it, and buzz by him so his head would spin.

We also laid together on the living room sofa and looked out the front window.  He told me lotsa stories and taught me impawtant things about bein' a cat in just a few weeks.

Mama says her favourite memory of Dylan and me is when we stopped right in front of her and touched noses.

Mama likes to think of Dylan bein' outdoors.  She says he is back there again in a summer garden that will be forever.  It's something she called PURR-PET-ual (whatever that is)!

When the vets were here yesterday to help Dylan cross over to the Bridge, they were also concerned about me.  They said it would be best if I could smell Dylan so I would understand what happened.

So the nice lady placed Dylan on the floor, wrapped in a comfy blanket, so that I could sniff.  They told Mama that when an animal has passed their scent is different.  I was sad, but now I knew to say goodbye to my lovely brofur and that now he is an angel.  I know he will always look after me from on high.  We still has a connection. 

I see you up there, Dylan...

... in a cat tree in the sky!

Love furever,

Dani  xxxooo

Friday, May 19, 2017


Dani's sister Domino was a kitty model of some renown.  Domino had a vast wardrobe of clothing which she left for Dani when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Domino was a little cat who, as an adult, was the size that Dani is now, and Dani is only a kitten of 15 weeks of age.

Dani isn't going to fit these dresses for very long because she is a Maine Coon who is growing like a weed.  So, to make use of Domino's legacy, we must have very frequent modelling sessions before Dani grows out of everything.

Here is the rest of Dani's modelling session in the pink sweater.  The silver necklace with blue pendant is attached to the sweater (her red harness is underneath).

Dani has an aside

Dani shows a different side

 The upside of Dani

Dani's front and center 

"I hears dat buttahflies is fwee!" says Dani.

"At leest 'til dey meets me!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


On April 21, 2017, Dani came home to us.  Her new Dada picked her up at Lacocoon Cattery on the way home from Montreal (where he works during the week).

Dada told me she mewed for awhile, but then just fell asleep in her carrier.  The only other disturbance was upon arrival at our house, when he brought her in from the garage.  Immediately she broke out into a howl, which dissipated immediately when I took her out of the cage and cuddled her in my arms.

Of course the first thing I showed her, after she calmed down was the litter box which she tested out, and then her food and water bowls.  She took a moment to taste test before setting out to explore the rest of her new environment.

These are pictures of Dani shortly after she arrived home.

Here she is standing on the pass-through between the kitchen and family room.
(Now she jumps straight down into the kitchen from this height, though she was a little trepidacious on day one.)

Dani sitting on the couch all nice and cozy.

Dani on top of the cat tree.  She needed my help to get up there, but now she jumps up herself.

You might ask about how she got on with Dylan.  I must admit that when Dylan first saw Dani he had his legendary look of alarm, but he went up to sniff her and she didn't mind at all.  However, Dylan took off to the basement and ventured up every once in a while to check things out.  By the next day, they had already bonded.

I was so relieved because Dylan and Domino never got along.  Dylan would always pester her.  With Dani, Dylan has been exceedingly gentle and patient.  Dani nuzzles him, and likes to attack his tail.

Dylan and Dani have even had some play fights on the cat tree.  At first Dani could only reach the first level, but quickly was able to scale the second, where they would bat paws in good fun.

I dare say Dylan and Dani are now best buds.  I believe that Dylan sorely missed Dante when he disappeared and used to call for him.  He was totally lost when Domino left us.  Dylan needs the company of another cat, and Dani is so easygoing that it's, well -- easy!

As I said, I have never previously witnessed such an easy introduction and transition.  It's heartwarming to see the two together.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hello again!  Today I am gonna show you pictures from my first 10 weeks at Lacocoon Cattery. They show the amazing changes that happened to me.  According to my breeder I was a very big kitten.  He even referred to me as a 'horse'!

 Just one week and my eyes are open!

 Two weeks and I'm startin' to look around.

 Three weeks and I've learned to avoid the camera flash.

 Four weeks and my ears are starting to unfurl.

 Six weeks and things are startin' to look up in the world (including me)!

 Seven weeks and I'm sittin' pretty!

 Only eight weeks and already lyin' down on the job.

 This is a picture of me (I'm in the middle) and my littermates at eight weeks of age.  Thor, my brofur, is on my left and Mado, my sisfur is on my right.  See how much bigger I am?  I still don't think I'm a horse, but maybe a pony, purrhaps.

 Nine weeks and I've been totally socialized.

Ten weeks and I've taken over the place!

At eleven weeks I came home to my new Mama, Dada and brofur, but you'll have to wait for my next post to hear all about that.  Okey dokey?

Read all about it!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017


Hi,  My name is Dani and I was born on January 28, 2017 at the Lacocoon Cattery in Lacolle, Quebec.   Lacocoon, in case you haven't guessed, breeds Maine Coon cats, so I am a Maine Coon kitten.

 This is my birth Mom, Meadow and I'm the darker-coloured kitten in the middle of three.

Here you can see us close up.  I look black with red patches, but my coat will change as I mature.  I was the biggest of the bunch.  The brown and white tabby to my left is my brother, Thor, and the little calico to my right is my sister Mado.

 I was born with a red flame on my forehead.  I think it's gonna be my trademark.

 What a profile!

This is what I looked like right after I was born -- kinda like a drowned rat, I think.  Believe me, I am much prettier now.

See?  I am what they call a brown torbie, meaning I have both tortoiseshell patches, and tabby stripes in my furs.

Well, now that I have introduced myself, I'm off to take a nap.  It's impawtant for growing kittens to get their rest, you know.

I'll show you more of me growing up tomorrow.  Stay tuned if you like me.

Love, Dani