Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Here is more of the photoshoot of Dani in her green and white dress.  This time she is sitting in the basket chair on the front porch.

She has posed in many different ways to practise her modelling skills.

"I has a long way ta go before I'mma PURR-O like my sister, Domino.  She's da wun who giffed me all dese pretty dresses." 


Slightly amewsed

My faraway look

Sex kitten

 Turned off




The End

So which look do you like best?

Monday, July 24, 2017


Here's Dani in her green and white dress again.  This time she's out on the front steps.  She wants to show you more of her garden from a distance.

 "I luvs my bloo hydrangeas" she says ...

 "But at da same time itz hard fur me ta look at dem ...

 ... cuz dey makes me feel bloo, too."

 Things have started to look up, though, as Dani has realized it's all just a matter of CATitude.

"Yippee -- colour me happeh!!!" shouts Dani in glee.

"Sumtimes bloos kin be soooooooo peaceful."

Friday, July 21, 2017


Dani had her spay oPURRation yesterday and it all went very well according to the vet.

One thing we were not expecting was that Dani would need to wear anything special post-op.  A spay oPURRation is quite a small incision and only a couple of stitches.  However, it was highly recommended that we purchase something to prevent her from chewing or licking them.  If the stitches come undone they would require another procedure to replace them (under anesthesia).

So here is Dani wearing her cool red body suit which covers her from top to tail.  It leaves her front legs free ...

 ...  as well as her back legs so movement is not impeded.  The red suit snaps into place on either side of the tail and leaves ...

... her private area uncovered for carefree visits to the litter box.  You can see a bit of her blue tummy bandage underneath the shirt.

Actually the first thing that was recommended was a cone-collar (or Elizabethan Collar) which goes around the neck.  However, when Dani balked at the idea, as you can clearly see in this picture, I decided to go with the body suit. They were recommending she wear the collar for 10 days and that would badly inhibit her lifestyle.  Running and jumping with that thing around your neck could be dangerous.

However, once home, Dani decided to try the cone collar all by herself but she couldn't quite fit.

 So, it was immediately discarded in favour of an impromptu bath.  Luckily the body suit was covering her stitches, so all she could do was lick her fur.

So what we were going to do with this useless thing?  Why turn it into a toy, of course!

"Is good fur kickin'!" says Dani.

"And fur lickin' ...

... and a' course fur chewin'!"

 "Is kinda tasty ackshully" she says while pushing it over the edge.

And then she has to figure out where it went.  What a pushycat!

 "I has two more fings ta tell you about my Spay 'n Spa Day.  Furst, dey stole da furs off my front leg.  I jus' thot it wuzza reely bad haircut."

"An' secund, dey giffed me a free pedicure even doe da CLAWS wuzzn't in da contract."  
Isn't that just SPA-tacular!

"I mus' say dey reely nailed dat one!"

And what Dani doesn't know is that they gave her a free shot, as well.  It's supposed to help her stay infection-free, but apparently it has one little side effect."

"Yahoo!  I wanna play, play, play!!!"  shouts Dani.

It felt like we had a visit from the Tasmanian Devil.

So, the upshot is that, on this important day, Dani finally realized how much I love her.  Even though the body suit was quite a bit more expensive...

... I wasn't going to turn her into a conehead.

"So it wuz a good day aftah all" says Dani.  "I gots a luvly noo red body suit, a noo toy (da cone a' course), a free pedacure, lotsa playtime and best of all now I noes fur sure dat Mama luvs me

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Dani's rocking a retro frock today.  It's very frilly, summery and frankly old-fashioned with its fresh white bodice spotted with green polka dots and tied with spaghetti straps to its multi-tiered skirt alternating plain white with green floral-patterned layers.

Dani has chosen a peach-petalled headband covered in greenery to complement this casual style. Her silver necklace is composed of citrine gems and a monarch butterfly pendant evocative of a meadow in summertime.  For a walk in nature, she has also selected an acrylic orange handbag with shiny black handle and a fresh floral applique -- pretty yet sturdy for any environment.

"Dis outfit gives me buttahflies!" says Dani gleefully as she holds one between her front paws.

They must have mistaken her for a flower.

Later that day, Dani decides to change up her outfit by adding different accessories.  Her more fashionable white-veiled fascinator, modernistic green pendant and pale green updated bag with silver latch turn a relaxed ensemble into something a little more sophistiCATed.  Now she's all ready for a shopping trip downtown or lunch with her girlfriends.

In fact her birdie friend is 'tweeting' them right now to ask them to meet her at "The Cat's Meow" eatery. He's decided to stay behind, though, as he isn't keen on being an appetizer.

So which outfit do YOU prefur?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


In our garden we have some blue hydrangeas.

This year they have been bluer than ever largely due to all of the rain.  Actually, you need aluminum in the soil to keep them blue, but the rain helps to distribute it well.

 Dani was checking them out because she had never seen such big, blue flowers.  Of course, this is her first summer so she hasn't seen a lot of things before.  She will only turn six months old at the end of July.

 "I reely, reely likes dem" says Dani.

"I hasn't decided yet but I finks bloo mite be my fafurite colour."

"Furst I hasta meditates on it fur at leest a year.