Friday, November 24, 2023


Today, Dani is having The Fits again.  She has taken time from co-ordinating to create two new Memes of her own.

So, second up June of Zoolatry has taken the next two spots.  Seal and Kiki of Brian's Home follow displaying their unique sense of humour.

Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella has her way all the time, regardless of time.  Then, a very tentative Trixie of Purr-sonally Speaking waits for reviews of her new iStore.  

Mudpie of Mochas,Mysteries,Meows will never feel blue again.  And finally, Penny of 15andMeowing really doesn't like this seesaw experience.

So off we go into all new territory ...

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


 For a little extra cash, and cache for that matter, Dani has agreed to model for the Christmas Sale Flyer for her favourite fashion retail outlet.  She was done in a flash, so increased the profit margin with her speed and comPETence.  It should bode well for her paycheque.

Here is but one page of her work on the flyer, so this is a sneak-peek for fashion followers.  Who knows, maybe Dani will just take her remuneration out in trade, i.e., clothing and accessories off the shelf in exchange for all her hard work.  Good thing she doesn't work purr hour!

You might want to purruse what's available.  It won't be in stock for very long.

Ruby and White Sapphire Necklace  Reg. $5,000  On Sale $2,800 
Christmas Purse Reg. $259  On Sale $150

Christmas Gnomes Set of Five
Reg.  $49  On Sale  $30

Headwrap with attached Scarf  Reg. $42   On Sale $35
Snowman Purse  Reg.  $125  On Sale $75
Snowman Gnome  Reg. $25   On Sale $18

Christmas Gnomes Throw Pillow  Reg. $40  On Sale $25

Beaded Costume Necklace Reg. $49  On Sale $34
Red Purse with Leopard Trim  Reg. $200  On Sale $130
Leopard Gnomes, Set of Three  Reg. $50  On Sale $35
Green Leopard Stocking  Reg. $15  On Sale $10

Dani's Christmas Snow Globe   
Limited Stock: $25

Hmmm, it seems this is turning into a global affair!  Dani's on the move.  
Do you think you can CATch up?

Small 'Squirt Size'
Cat CATchup Bottle  Reg. $19.99  On Sale: $14.00

Monday, November 20, 2023


 Here is one picture of Dani from early October 2018.  I think one will suffice since it's so darn cute.

My good friend Susan who lives right across the street likes to make things.  She made little feathered fascinators for our cozy little group, and an extra one for Dani.  It held on with the aid of a clip.

When Dani was still quite young we always had her on a leash.  So that explains the cord coming from her neck.  Don't worry, it connected to a collar.

As for the red and black scraps of material, this was a Ladybug Hallowe'en costume from Susan.  Unfortunately, it was several sizes too small, so couldn't get anywhere near closing in front.  Despite this, Susan was adamant that she should at least wear it that day.

Luckily for us, Dani isn't normally a scrappy kitty, but the look on her face makes me think she might be changing her tune.

I thanked Auntie Susan for the scraps and Dani was good enough to tolerate it for the time being.  However, when Susan was back home and I attempted to remove it all, Dani wanted to take it out on me.

She growled and hissed, so I had to be quick about it.  Opening the front door was the final release, and she went for it.  I didn't know Dani could move that fast!

After that, she was a Phantom of another kind for several hours, but hunger brought her out, as purr usual.

Come to think of it, that mask looks pretty darn good with that outfit!  Or shall we call it a misfit?

Friday, November 17, 2023


 Dani's been having Fits all week as she tried to round up all the misfits again, and get them shape again for Funny Friday.

Dani starts off with two of her older ones, though I think they have stood the test of time.  She was taking care of efurryone else, so didn't have time left for herself.

Of course, June of Zoolatry follows her friend with two of her own -- hot off the press!  Simon, Macy and Seal of  Brian's Home fit in here purrfectly.  Easy peasy all the way!

Joanie with her pet Gremmie of 15andmeowing have their turn next, closely followed by Mudpie and her alternates of Mochas,MysteriesandMeows.  Mudpie has discovered parts of herself that she didn't know existed.

Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella portrays a blast from the past, and Ernie of Island-Cats goes back to the drawing board after assessing the viability of his plan.

Then, for the first time Angel Possom (who is actually a cat) originally from Purr-sonally Speaking is making his premiere.  And we can thank Angels Eric and Flynn of Memories of Eric and Flynn for wrapping things up for us after all else is said and done.

Dani is eager to ramp things up, so let's be off and away ...    


See ya around!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


  Today I, Dani, am sharing my blog with my BFF June of Zoolatry.  She wanted to wish her Mom, a very heartfelt Happy Birthday.  We thought some others might like to do the same.

And who's your Mommy, June?  

"Her name is Ann.  Ann Attamouse, I fink.  Mebbe if she put a 'spell' on me I cud write it write."

And what does Ann do other than take care of you?

"She hassa big impotent job at da Cat Bloggyspheer.  She takes care a' lotsa fings and posts notisses so efurryone noes wot's goin' on.  She's also a talentid fotografur.  Dat means she takes pichurs of togs an furs wen sumbuddy models dem.

Most of all (dat's why she's da MOSTEST) she is da Graffick Designah.  She designs grafficks to go on peeples' blogs and ta post on da Cat Bloggyspheer home page.  I am very, very proud a' her, Mine Mostest Mommy.

An' TODAY IS HER BIRFDAY!!!  So if yoo wood like to leaf a wish fur her, you can leaf it in da Comments heer and/or at mine an' mine Mommy's bloggy called Zoolatry.  From June"

You'll be hardpressed to find anyone kinder, more loyal, more hardworking and loving than Ann.

Dani's got some love to give, too!

Sumtimes love kin be ofurwhelming❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

All ya gotta do is recycle it!

Saturday, November 11, 2023


Peace Tower, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Top of the Peace Tower


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Friday, November 10, 2023


 Dani has finally come up with a fitting name for her group of comedic friends.  They are to be known heretofore as "THE FITS".   These friends all have the same goal, and that is to make you laugh, giggle or guffaw.  When it comes to comedy efurryone can fit right in.  Even though they each have their individual style, they are united in their goal.  They'll even take a smile, for a while.

Today, Dani starts off with not one, but two memes, and her bestie June of Zoolatry follows closely with one of her own.

Macy and Simon of Brian's Home fit right in and do their comedy best in a one-two punch.  Boom, boom, shake the room!

Then Mudpie of Mochas,MysteriesandMeows enjoys a repast from her past.  Following close behind is Rosie of 15andMeowing who really knows how to tempt you.

Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella follows some advice from my Dani on how to speak your mind like a Canadian.

Shimshi of Purr-sonally Speaking attempts to attract some celebrity to lift efurryone's spirits during these trying times.

And finally we have Eric of Memories of Eric and Flynn who fits right in to his very own spot.

So, Dani and The Fits hope you enjoy yourself on the comedy spectrum, today.

Off we go ...

Call me!