Tuesday, June 29, 2021


 Today Dani is contemplating pearls.

"Dere's more dan jus' wun CATegory o' pearls" said she.

"Yoo gots yoor fake pearls like yoo casts before swine cuz all dey duz is play wif dem anyway."

"Den yoo gots yoor "cultcha'd" pearls fur dose who is 
way moar cultcha'd.  Fur sum reason dey is usually into oPURRa."

"But dere's nuffin like da real fing.  Da only problem is dat yoo gotta shell out a lot moar ta get 'em."

"I guess da only kinda pearls I reely want is:

"Dey is da most PURRecious yet dey doan cost a fing."

Friday, June 25, 2021


Dani isn't too happy with her new laptop.  Maybe she should take a few laps before she does something she might regret.

"I ain't no lapdog" she says.  "If I hassa problem I fixes it myself."

So Dani put a curse on it.

She used to be a witch's familiar but now that they're much better acquainted, Dani's become a full-blown witch herself!

"Thar she blows!!!" exclaims Dani sucking on her pipe.

So now Dani LOVES her new laptop.  All of those nasty restrictions have been removed and she's 
installed an entire thesaurus of up-to-date swear words.

"Jus' so I doan repeats myself" says Dani by way of clarification.

Well done, Dani!

How 'bout some CUSStard?

Whaddya know, it actually pays to be PURR-CUSSive!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 Dani has put herself in a weird juxtaposition of nature and fashion.

"I loves buttahflies an' I loves jewelries, too.  So I likes ta find jewels dat looks like buttahflies an' vicey versa.  I finks I did pretty gud wif dis wun."


"An' whilst I is cautious about bees, I still admires dem a lot.  Dey is essenshul ta maintainin' our "ecosystem" an' boy duz dey keep demselfs busy!  Acourse my neckliss is fashun'd aftah a bee so I gets ta enjoy all dat kin bee PURRsonally an' in nachur."

"An' sumtimes dey even gets togethah.  Isn't buttahflies an' bees jus' fantastickal?"

"An' heer is all a my buttahfly an' bee necklisses dat I has rite now.  Kwite da colleckshun, huh?"

Bee good and maybe you, too, could have an inspirational collection of whatever you choose to beehold.  Gives me butterflies just to think about.

Friday, June 18, 2021


Don't get me wrong, we appreciate our vet very much, but this story is being told from a pet's PURRspective.  Truly, I think most vets must love animals so much to forgive all the shenanigans that go along with them.

Over the years, Dani has developed a golden rule for meeting the vet.  You drool!  Foaming at the mouth might just faze them, she thinks. (In reality it just makes things wet.)

Fortunately this tale begins before drooling became her defence mechanism.

Meat and Greet while you have the patients.

It was 12 inches last I checked.

The choke's on you!  

A little bloodshed never hurts (as long as it's not your shed).

It's a poop-shoot!

Peace Treaty

Isn't it funny how your pet wasn't stressed before coming to the vet?

Some things are just hard to swallow.
Well, back to the old scratch pad!

Editor's Note:  My aPAWlogies to all the vets in the world who put up with our pets' quirks (as well as our own) in an effort to keep our precious ones healthy and happy for as long as possible. Your dedication, exPURRtise and unconditional caring are truly appreciated.  We couldn't make it through without you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Recently Dani has become a 'bow' collector.  She is fascinated by all the different shapes and forms they may take.

"I choosed dis bow-tie fur ladycats cuz I is hopin' to attrackt a mancat 'beau' so we kin get togethah an' makes our very own ties."

"Dis bow is a sheer delite!  Sumtimes I likes ta wear sumfin a liddle PURRovocative."
Surely this will provoke a shot across the bow from Cupid's Arrow, n’est-ce PAW?

"I finks dis is my fafurite bow.  Itz laced wif (well) lace an' it even hassa liddle purrl pendant hangin' off it.  Itz soooooooooooooo feminine."
This bow even matches Dani's underfurs.  She's got the fabric of a formidable feline femme fatale, don't you fink?"

"Oh my stars!" exclaims Dani.

Friday, June 11, 2021


Dani's always been afeared of spiders.  She is quite alarmed at the mere sight of one. 

However, being enveloped by the soothing scent of her favourite flower, the lily-of-the-valley, Dani is making an effort to valley-date herself by overcoming her phobia of spiders.

She figures if she just intones "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" repeatedly as she faces her fear it might help her put these little critters into PURRSpective.

Dani's strategy must have worked because now she is a "Tiger Lily" and you can no longer, in good conscience, call her lily-livered.  I guess she'll be moving to a bigger space. 

I have a sinking feeling a lily-pad just
 ain't gonna cut it anymore!

And now Dani has a new favourite flower. 
 Can't beat that, huh?

But you sure can join 'em. 
 So let’s all boogie to the Tiger Lily Beat!