Friday, June 30, 2023


 Dani helped me find what I needed to make new Catchwords for today.  Just like last time, the word on top is in English, and in catspeak on the bottom.

I used my own pictures where possible, but had to find others online.  It ends up being a lot of searching. Once I have a picture which is suitable for the word, the pace of creation really speeds up.  A lot of you have asked how I do it.  Well, I have a Train of Thought that just won't shut down.  The only way is to use it before I lose it.

Dani and I hope you enjoy.

Save it fur when you're truly TEED off!


They're the Cat's Meow!

CATGUT your tongue?
Suture self!

Hairball Disposal Service

Also known as "cutting the CHIs"

And others call it a PURRgola.
It is what you think it is.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


 Dani put together this longer lineup, today, consisting of old friends and new friends.  She did one of herself to start, and purrhaps even startle.

June of Zoolatry appears in a throwback (and a throwup) from 2001.  Simon and Seal of Brian's Home appear together, though far apart in cattitude.  Next up are angels Eric and Flynn in Memories of Eric and Flynn egging each other on.

Angel Emmy of 15andMeowing is miffed after Mama failed to follow through, and Mudpie of  Mochas,Mysteries,Meows has an unconventional take on decor.  

Shimshi of Purr-sonally Speaking, the J-Cats blog, drums up something interesting while resting.

Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella is the definition of "Gojuss", while Ernie of The Island Cats goes to extremes.

And last but not least are Tommy and Teaghan of Tommy and Teaghan in their first-efur appearance, and it's a dilly!

So, there are ten, count 'em, 10 new LOLs for you to PURRuse.  We are all hoping you have a good time.

Heeeeeeeere's Dani ...


Dat's all, dat's it.  It's in da bag!

Saturday, June 24, 2023


 Dani is warm and fuzzy, just like a newly-picked peach.  I started off with an older picture of her and then passed it through diffurent filters to create a number of looks.

The Original, framed from my collection of frames, 
downloaded PNG files from the web.
Dani's dress is real.

The effects were all taken from Photo Lab: Art, Picture Editor from the Apps Store and were not individually named but grouped by hashtag.

I made the collage using Fotorus.

Photo Lab effect with Framify frame.
I guess being a Bookie helps with some of the finer things in life.
Just take a gander at those jewels, and then leave the poor goose alone.

Friday, June 23, 2023


 Dani came up with a few new CATchwords and enlisted help from some friends and angels.

The original Dani snores, but at least now it has a LOG-a-RHYTHM.

Dani's Stand-in is now part of the 'A' List.

My Angel Dylan took a leap of faith.
Hope he's not TICKlish!

Dramatic Kitty has that Roman vibe, but then he was already familiar with roamin'.

Shimshi of Purr-sonally Speaking is up against a wall but still on the yowl.

Thanks for the purr-fect pic!

My Angel Domino
Fashionista in Life and the Hereafter
She's got a whole new leash on eternity.

CATcha later!

Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Dani has the pleasure of hosting another Comedyfest today, but her attentions seem to be elsewhere so we ask for your patience.  Ironically, Nurse Dani is looking for patients, too.

After Dani comes June of Zoolatry.  I know June busted out all over a few weeks ago, but she's back for another stab at it.

Next up are Brian, Macy and Kiki of Brian's Home with some rational solutions to efurryday problems.

Mudpie of Mochas, Mysteries and Meows is feeling confrontational today, but I'm sure after boxing practice she'll be in a lighter mood.

Penny of 15andMeowing shows off her chops -- gator chops, that is.

I have labelled Mudpie and Penny's memes because they look so much alike.  Cousins, purrhaps?

And finally we have Casper and Trixie, brother and sister to our new friend Shimshi, all from Purr-sonally Speaking.  They are collectively known as the J-Cats.



Soooooooooo long fur now!

Monday, June 19, 2023


 This is Dani at six months old, the day she came home from her little oPURRation.  I purchased the red suit because it was supposed to keep her from nibbling at her stitches.

Of course, she was also given one of those outdated plastic cones and Dani dispatched it in no time flat.  See below for the evidence.  Although Dani had to go through multiple maneuvers, each one brought her closer to freedom.

I was tickled by the various positions, so chose ones that were most exemplary.

And here is Dani celebrating her victory with a shower of golden confetti.  Both America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent use a golden buzzer to spew gold pieces of plastic high into the air, in recognition of an extraordinary talent.

Well, Dani's escapist tendencies were even more developed than I thought.  The next time I saw her, maybe a half hour later, she was completely in the buff.  I guess that makes her a 'buff puff in a huff'!

Never underestimate a kitten.

"I wonts wunna dem!" exclaims Dani. 

 The fashion diva in her just couldn't resist.

She has a thing for 'pokin' dots'.