Tuesday, August 16, 2022


 Dani has allowed herself a bit of a rest this week by recycling three of her jokes, which are classics at this point.  She stars in the first two and also in the very last.

Some of you may not have seen them before.

Following Dani is June of Zoolatry, then Seal and Kiki of Brian's Home.  These three are all brand mew and one's a little naughty.

After that is my grandcat Sox, who lived with us for awhile, in a new one made specially for his long-awaited visit.

Let us begin ...

Have you ever thought of actually moving to Vegas?

'Byte me' means your memory is inCATpacitated.

June's not worried.  She knows she can hightail it right outta there!

Simply mesmerEYESing!

Chalk it up to IN NO SENSE!

Now all we need is a Spit 'Toon

Even as a kitten, Dani was a gangstah!

Mickey's going gangbusters!
Going, going ... gone

Monday, August 15, 2022


 For your AWWW moment this Monday, once again we have Angel Domino and Kitten Dani wearing the same feline frock but sepurrated in time.

It is quite a gorgeous little gown in various hues of peach, from rosy to pale to orange -- each reflected in the chiffon tiers of the opulent skirt.  There is also a peachy flower at the back of the neck just to make it even more frou-frou.

This is Domino on the deck bench in early September 2013.  For Domino, the dress against her black and white fur is a knockout punch (peach punch, that is).

"I likes a bitta punch-you-ashun" says she who loves the attention.

And here is Dani kitten in August 2017 wearing this hot little number.  It looks diffurent on her because she's not quite a ladycat; like she is dressing up in her Mama's clothes or something.  It is nonetheless still quite flattering on the little one.

"I wonts ta be a modull wen I grows up 'cept for da DULL pawt" says Dani.

It's a good thing Domino also left her Pearls of Wisdumb
 for Dani 'cause she's gonna need 'em!

Sunday, August 14, 2022


The larger picture below is Dani in an almost-selfie.  My friend, Susan, was visiting with me on our front walk yesterday, and snapped this with her cell phone.

Imagine 23 lbs. of pure Maine Coon cat!  There's nothing in the picture to compare her size against, but believe me, she is off the charts!   Male MCs can be this size or larger, but for a female it's very unheard of.  Dani's breeder thought it was remarkable when she hit the twenty-pound mark.

Maine Coons can continue to grow for five years.  Dani is five and a half years old and just had another growth spurt!  It's actually not what we were expecting, having had our first Maine Coon Dante, being a male, topping out at 24 lbs.  And this isn't even near the outermost weight  (or as I call it, the OUT-THERE weight) for a male MC.

Dante with Domino 

My husband and I looked for a female this time around, because we thought she would max out around 16 lbs.  We are getting older, and I'm physically disabled, so now my husband even has problems picking up this 'gentle giant'.   No way for me unless I'm seated and he hands her to me.

Anyway, no complaints.  We can get a home vet to come here when we need one.

Lacocoon Dani

Lacocoon Dani and Furry Friends

"So long!" says Dani.
"Yeah, longer than most." says I.

Saturday, August 13, 2022


 These are pictures I took of Dani a few months ago, and only recently attempted to turn them into art.

The original photos, frames and horn were added on Photoscape.  Any special effects were done afterwards on Fotorus.

Dani through a Portrait filter with added Stickers.

Dani through a Glamour Glow filter and light pen enhancements.

Dani through the Tonal Contrast filter.

Dani through the HDR filter.

Dani framed and accessorized on Photoscape alone.

Close-up of the back of Dani's unicorn dress framed on Photoscape.

Pusheen the Envelope!