Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Dani is deep in thought.  And her thoughts turn to Autumn, much like the leaves are turning to gold.

"Once da leafs start fallin' it's Awtum no mattah wot da calendah says" opines Dani.

"Mebbe dat's why dey also calls it "Fall."

Wow, Dani -- that's deep!

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Dani has very sensitive ears so is very attuned to sounds all around her.  Here her ears are taken aback because Sox (who is under her chair) is making a very annoying noise.

 "Dere he goes again!" exclaims Dani.

"I jus' cant stand his slurping!" says she.

 "Why duz yoo always has yoor tongue hangin' out like dat?" she asks.
"It jus' collecks yoor drool."

So Dani had a bright idea.  She would get Sox something else to slurp rather than his own saliva.  She presented him with a Slurpee complete with straw.

This is Sox BEFORE the Slurpee.

And this is Sox AFTER!

It's quite counterintuitive considering the drink is called a "Slurpee", but the key is the straw.  When Sox sips in all that yummy slush, he doesn't want even one drop of it to escape -- so he keeps his mouth closed.  Much quieter.

Sox is so thankful to Dani for giving him the Slurpee.
"Fanks, Sis" says Sox.  "Is yummy!"

And Dani is thankful that Sox is no longer slurping his drool.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


With autumn approaching, Dani is transitioning into both a warmer fur coat and into warmer colours in her accessories.

"Yup, is gettin' cool out here, speshully in da mornin'" says Dani.
"My fur coat is gettin' thickah -- between dat and growin' myself mosta my clothes doan fit anymore."

Lucky thing Dani has a closet full of hats and purrses, and drawers full of jewelry. Today she has chosen amber as her theme.  She's wearing a lovely amber wide-brimmed hat adorned with dried flowers and curlicued ribbons.

Her long silver and coral necklace is very striking. 
"As long as it duzn't hit me!" exclaims Dani.
And on her right paw she has added a rose gold ring with baltic amber stone.  Just the right touch methinks.

Dani's purrse has an amber suede front with an overlay of dark brown tooled leather depicting flowers yet again.

Her style has always been a little "out there", but then that's her purrsonality!

"Yoo mite say I'mma liddle colour-full" says she.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


When Dani wants in she doesn't have much patience.  And she's very OPEN with her feelings.

"OPEN says me!"

"Let me IN!!!"

Note from the Management:
We're always looking to improve our response time.

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Among other things, Sox is a quick-change artist.  If he sees something he likes he tries to blend in with it.

He's sort of a strange mix between a butterfly and a chameleon.

"I likes ta fink I'mma liddle bit o' both" says he.

Like this butterfly, Sox has emerged from his cozy cocoon (i.e., his favourite box for sleeping).  Once outside he has put on an orange top hat with purrple flowers, a checked bowtie to match and a colour-coordinated watch so he can blend in with this winged creature.  Truth be told, Sox is a little wingy, himself.

Sox also takes his cue from the ever-changing chameleon.  Although for the chameleon its ability to homogenize with its environment is ultimately a matter of survival, for Sox it's a challenge to see how quickly he can meld with his surroundings.

So far he's managed to effect change in a timely manner, thanks to his kaleidoscope of watches.  Here are but a few from his collection:

And, speaking of that ...

... it's time to change it up again.

I wonder what Sox has got up his furry sleeve this time!