Sunday, January 28, 2018


Dani was born one year ago today -- January 28, 2017.  And here's what she looked like back then -- fresh out of the oven!

Kind of looks like a wet rat, huh?

Well, it's 365 days later and here's what she looks like today -- all dressed up in her birthday finest.

Dani is wearing her fancy gold birthday dress and a tiara made of citrines.  She has a necklace of gold flowers around her neck and a vintage gold charm bracelet around her not-so-dainty wrist.

Dani said she wanted a "fish" theme for her special day, so I did efurrything I possibly could to comply.  Dani's birthday cake is fashioned after Dr. Suess' "One Fish, Two Fish" book and depicts both a Pink Fish and a Blue Fish.  Given the choice, Dani said she'd take the Pink Fish first (cuz she's a girl, of course), but she'd eat the Blue Fish right afterwards without hesitation.

And for her gifts, Dani received three fishes stuffed with catnip; a yellow one with stripes, a multicoloured pastel one with pink fins, and a red and white-striped clownfish.  She's going to have some happy times with them, I tell you.

A secret admirer also sent a basket of fish for Dani to enjoy.  They were so fresh they were actually still breathing!

Here are some more pictures of Dani in her gold, glittery birthday dress.
Dressed appropriately and relaxing in her favourite wing chair.

 Showing off her sparkling jewel-studded dress and ...

... her equally eFURvescent PURRSonality! 

And you know what bubbles attract, don't you?

Why FISH, of course!

I hope your birthday has been suFISHently fishy for you,
Love, Mama

Thursday, January 25, 2018


I bought Dani a new winter coat for Christmas.

It's deep orange in colour and the waterproof material is quilted.  The biggest purrk, however, is that it's entirely reversible to leopard-print (see below)!  So in effect, Dani got two coats for the price of one (even though I paid for it).
Dani has paired the orange side of the coat with leopard-print accessories such as her cat-earred faux fur hat and coordinating mitts.  She likes the hat because it doesn't squish her real ears underneath like some hats do.

And, in keeping with the leopard theme, she is wearing a gold necklace with a golden leopard resting on a faceted citrine ball.  "How facetnating!" remarks she.

Not surprisingly, Dani's purrse is also in leopard-print with red leather handles.  It has a bit of a funky edge with the black skeleton kitty patch on the front.  But then Dani herself is kind of funky, so it all goes.

This picture gives you a better idea of the style of the coat.  It has a fitted bodice with hood and a full skirt.  I just can't wait to see the reverse side on her.  The leopard print should complement her natural fur very well.

Dani's Victorian Auntie is very PURRoud of her fashion sense and gives it high praise.

"Even I kin appurreciates feline funkiness" says she. Aftah all, I comes frum de age of Steampunk! An' in de end, if it's functional an' fabulous, we feminine felines is all fur it."

Thank you, Aunt Vicky!

Friday, January 19, 2018


Dani's discovered something else she likes about winter.

"At leest da kind yoo kin put around yoor neck" says she, cool as the ice that she's wearing.

"An' come ta fink of it, ice cream ain't too bad eidah!"

Monday, January 15, 2018


Dani did a great job modelling her stripey sweater.  She was so at ease and natural -- almost like she was just wearing her own fur coat.

"I didn't mind at all" said Dani.  
"Speshully wen Mama told me I reely earn'd my stripes."

"It made me feel so verreh PURRoud."

"An' heer I am in all my crownin' glory!"

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Dani's a regular snow gal, so I've made up a Snow Galleria to show her off.  Maine Coons are at home in the snow, and Dani is a typical Maine Coon.

 Forward thinking


 Has a clear vision

Appreciates the eery silence

Has a look back and ...

...takes it all in ...

... and then has a snack!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Dani was picked up by her Dada to get a lift back to the house. She was still fascinated by the snow and wanted to look at it every which way.

From the right ...

... from the left ...

... and even bottom's up!

Once she zoned in, she didn't need Dada to lift her anymore.
She did it autonomously.
It's a very ZEN thing, you know.

Friday, January 5, 2018


Dani was out in the snow yesterday.  She had seen snow before but not falling from the sky.

 It took her a moment to get used to it.

 Then she found it fascinating.

And then she wondered ...

"Hmmm, frostid flakes!"

That would be a YES!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Dani will be turning one year old later this month.  So these are the final days of her kittenhood.

To commemorate this moment in time, I have painted her into a corner (of the wing chair, that is).

"I likes ta play dress-up!" says she.

Dani may be a ladycat on the outside ...

"But bouncin' around is my fafurit fing ta do!"

... but she will forever be a kitten on the inside.