Monday, January 1, 2018


... or as we call it, New Year's Day!

Dani really overdid it last night and today she is paying the price.  When I called her, she could barely open one eye.

 Since she had fallen asleep on the wing chair in the living room, I picked her up gently and ...

 ... put her to bed.
With her forearms hanging over the side of said bed, a wiser Dani whispurred hoarsely:
"Now I noes wot a hangovah is!"

And it wasn't long before she fell fast asleep once more dreaming
of all the good things to come in the New Year ...
... like catfishing fur instance.

It's the only sport where your nibbles nibble you furst!

Anyway, you get my drift.  Dani's got lots and lots of new experiences ahead.
We hope for her, and all of you, the best of health, good fortune and a whole
lot of happy in 2018.

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