Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Dani's so happy to be back hosting her Comedyfest this week.   Now that her Dada is a little better, she has time to lend to one of her favourite CATivities.

Dani is first up, as purr usual, followed by June, or at least part of her, of Zoolatry.

After that we are introducing two newbies, baby kittens and littermates Macy and Maxwell of Brian's Home.  Their big sister, Seal, is also in attendance, keeping an eye (and ear) on them.

Then we have Rudy of 15andMeowing who is also making his first appearance.  Mudpie of Mochas, Mysteries and Meows takes her turn after that.

Finally, Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella Blogspot wraps things up with a blast from the past from Wendy's LOLSpot.  She is anything but shy and certainly has a lasting impact.  Of course most blasts generally do.

So, let the frivolities begin ...


It's over at last ...
... what a relief!

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 I guess time away was fruitful because today Dani took her first decent Selfie.

"No more sour grapes."

"No more whining!"

Saturday, November 19, 2022


 Dani is peacefully posing on the front porch.  On the paving stones there is a marked delineation between the light and shadow.  Dani appears to be guarding the line as if daring it to move.  Little does she know she is entirely outpowered by the sun.  


Snapseed HDR

I used Fotosrus for the rest of the permutations.  They have Fantasy Frames which you choose by digitally selecting one.  You can easily switch from one picture in the line-up to the next by touching on the one you want to try out and then settling on your preference.

Our sun is the star of the Milky Way.
"By da way, I sure cud go fur sum milk!" exclaims Dani.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


 Dani is burning to host this birthday ballyhoo for her beloved Aunty Ann -- hoo you all know as Ann of Zoolatry.

Ann has been a staple of the Cat Blogosphere (even though she's always had to use her own -- stapler, that is) for many years, and has diligently lent her prolific skills to its shaping, especially in the area of Graphic Arts.  Of course she is a talented writer and poet, as well.  Ann is basically non-pareil; she has no equal.

Let's face it.  The lady is classy, as well as being very kind, helpful, and a font of knowledge.  Little wonder we are all so 'font' of her.  I know from purrsonal experience what a hard worker she is, as well.  It's a good thing she has little June to keep her company, and offer up some cuddles at the end of day.

So, Dani and I want to wish Ann a very Happy Birthday today, because someone as special as she is deserves to feel special, too.

If you are moved to do likewise, please stop at her Zoolatry blog to leave your birthday wishes.  I'm going over there right after this!

Here's what Ann has waiting at home for her today.  It's our birthday card to her featuring June, of course, and her GNOMological friend who is a bookie, mostly on theories of the metaphysical.

It's all about love, today, for dear Ann Adamus and her puss!  And let's FACE it once more, the puss I'm referring to is Ann's.  June already gets enough exposure.

Ears ta yoo, Grannie!

Wee Will-he or Won't He ...
... For better or worse, just call him
Wee Willy Winkie!
I hope you like puddles 'cause he's piddling
(good thing he's so small).

Members of the Cat and Dog Blogosphere
(and when I say members, I am absolutely
NOT referring to their private parts!)

And just for you, dear Ann, a birthday bellydance.  Enjoy!

And once again here's the link to Ann:  https://zoolatry.blogspot.com/

It's been nice tockin' to you, butt now it's the end.

It gives a whole new meaning to Greetings and Salutations.
Here's to you and your good health, Ann, along
with spirit-cleansing happies for the future!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


 We hope you can make a nice repast of these tasty tidbits today.

Dani and I are still too busy to keep our normal blogging schedule, so we found some LOLs from the old Cheezburger and Wendy's LOLSpot days to entertain you.

All of the purrticpants have since passed away, but their angelic presences continue to shine.

First up are Eric and Flynn of Memories of Eric and Flynn, followed by Zoe, Gracie and Sascha of Brian's Home, and then Zoey and Maggie of Zoolatry.

We even have a small bonus section with anonymous pets to bring us home.

But before we can finish we have to start.  Here goes ...