Friday, February 23, 2018


Dani was out on the driveway the other day.  It looks like she's in the Arctic or something with ice and snow all around her.

Dani has grown quite a lot in the last couple of months and is now just a tad under 15 lbs.

Just look at those paws!
We'll have to starting calling her "Big Foot".

 Unfortunately though, even big feet aren't enough to save you when you get in too deep.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Here are more photos of Dani wearing her stunning leopard-print coat.  She and the faux leopard fabric are quite sympatico, as you can see.

Yes indeed, Dani is a pussycat in leopard's clothing!

The Eyes Have It!


Monkeying around!

Simply breathtaking!

Bein' quite cagey!

Straight talkin'!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


If you recall, Dani recently received a new orange coat as a Christmas present.

It has a leopard-print lining.

Well, she went ahead and turned that thing inside out and it's really brought the animal out in her.  "Rawr!"  Now she's wearing a leopard coat with an orange lining.

It's been really cold outside so Dani has opted for a brown glittery slouch hat (not that she's a slouch in any way, shape or form, but it keeps her ears very toasty).  She's also donned a matching scarf and secured it with a celtic pin in complementary colours.

Dani's selection of a handbag is also very complementary.  "I jus' loves complimints!" remarks she.  It is actually a carpet bag in tans, browns and peachy tones in a native-styled design.  The handles and trim on the bag are made of rope.  

The line between pussycat and leopard has been blurred and right now it seems as if they are one and the same.  Who knew leopards could be so fashionable?

Now that's what I call a real slouch!

Friday, February 9, 2018


Dani's sitting outside on the front porch chair.  I laid her brother Dante's plaid fur-trimmed cloak on the seat for her to sit upon.

 "Yoo may fink plaids is fur lads, but dey're fur ladees, too" remarks Dani.

 "Dis coat is way too big fur me ta wear, but it duz makes fur a comfy place ta sit."

 "Mebbe sum day -- fah, fah away -- wen I gets biggah, I kin wear it in honour of my brothah.
He wuz a Lacocoon an' so am I."

"Until den I kin only dream about it.  Boy, he's got sum big shoes ta fill!"

Dani PAWSes for reflection on the size of Dante's feet.

"But wot I reely needs is sum snowshoes ...

... AND NOW!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Dani just turned one year old so I took some head shots to record this moment in time.  Dani now weighs 14 lbs. though she still isn't fully mature.  Maine Coons can grow for a few more years.

 At one year, Dani is very confident with herself.

 Dani has a pawsitive cattitude.  
"Fings is lookin' up!" says she.

Dani can also be quite introspective.
"Lookin' inside yoorself helps yoo to mature."

After doing just that, Dani feels she truly likes herself. 

Quite wisely she says:
"I'm still growin' on da outside and on da inside.  Wen yoor one, it's not done."