Friday, April 29, 2022


         Dani invited her good friend June over so she could show her how to be a fairy.  Dani learned when she was just a kitten.  June has some CATching up to do.

Dani waved her wand and POOF they were back in May 2017.

"I wuzn't borned yet!" says June who's feeling a little out of whack.

"Dis is yoor furst lesson" says Dani.  "Yoo hasta realize dat bein' a fairy is timeless, an' yoo can go back an' forth wif a wave of yoor wand an' return home again like nuffin efur happined.  'Cept yoo noe it did."

"Wowee!" remarks June all anxious to get started.

"But I has no wand ... "

And in a micro-millisecond (what some folks call Nothing Flat), the girls are in the garden and June has a wand in her paw!  

"I'm gonna see how this works" says June excitedly.
"Not so fast" says Dani quite sternly.  "This wand is extremely powerful, and there are rules for using it.  And if you don't follow the rules, it can BACKFIRE BIGTIME!"

June gasps.

Rule #1:  A fairy's wand can only be used for good intentions.

Rule #2:  Never go into the dark without your wand.  It generates light and the more light you shine on something, the more you understand it.
Rule #3:  Do not tell anyone who is not a fairy, about the power of the wand.  If you do you will lose your wand and wander aimlessly forever.

Rule #4:  Be happy.  You will make others happy, too, just by being in your presence.


"Now spread your wings and go forth" says Dani.

"Fourth?  I thawt I wuz Furst in line" grumbled June, who quickly turned things around by saying "Don't worry 'bout me.  I'm just happeh to be a fairy fur real.  See, I got Rule #4 down pat alreddy."

"Well then" says Dani.  "I guess we is comPATible after all.  And although I know you like blue, I hope you will still be TICKLED PINK!"

And so she was -- a much humbler, wiser and pinker, June.

June 2020


Tuesday, April 26, 2022


 Dani looks forward to her funnies post efurry week.  It's a time where friends and angels gather to achieve a common goal -- and that is to make you laugh.  And if not a laugh, then a giggle, and if not a giggle, then a smile.  Smiles last for miles and miles.

Dani starts off the stand-up with a one-two punchline, followed by Angels Dylan and Domino formerly of Wendy's 3-D Cats, June and Angel Maggy from Zoolatry, and finally Simon from Brian's Home.

So away we go ...

I know this is OFFputting, but this dress isn't gonna fit by any stretch of the imagination!

Dani should co-star in "Taken 4" with Liam Neeson.  Now HE can really DISH it out!

When Dylan goes OVERBOARD the rePURRcussions are very kaPOWerful!

Domino suffurs from a lack of self-awareness.
"But yoor not supposta wares any unawares wif a tutu!" 
rebutts Domino.

REMOTES are a symbol of our CHANGING times.
As time goes on we're all becoming more remote.

Maggy PURRcusses to the beat of her own drum.

So Simon Says!

OWLaylooya, it's almost May!

Monday, April 25, 2022


 Dani is stoked about all the new life around her; plants, flowers, BIRDS ...

Dani likes to make friends with birds ...

... so she can invite them over for suppurr.

"I yooses my two lips to entertains dem"  says she.

Awww!  Aren't they just the cutest wee things?

"I calls dem my "AMEWS BOUCHE" says the hostess with the mostest.

Saturday, April 23, 2022




Summer Idle (as opposed to Idyll)

Cheeky Devil

Patrolling the Fenceline

Taking Shelter


Tail Wind

Razor Focused

The Importance of Being Urnest

Bloomin' Heck! 


Twisted Sister

En Pointe!

Balancing Ballerina

Retracing Her Steps

And here is your bonus Two-Fur, starring two out of the Three-D Cats.   Dylan and Domino weren't the best of friends, but they had their moments.

Peace Negotiations

Wendy's 3-D Cats

Friday, April 22, 2022


Dani is mixing it up today with some modelling pictures, au naturel this time.  All she needs is a little bit of light to show herself off to advantage.  That's why we take advantage of filters whenever we think they will enhance the beauty of the photograph. 

Here's the darkly dazzling Dani doing her thing, with her staff offering support.  At least she's not too much of a diva because she was REDDY on time, purr usual.

Part of the melange is the 'odd' funny.  Of course all of our funnies are odd.  That's why they're funny -- duh!
Warning:  Dani is definitely NOT the LACKA-DAISY-CAL Type.

No mix would be complete without at least one GIF to put the moves on.
They may be koi, but they're certainly not camera-shy!

Now this is a lighter side of Dani, mostly because we used a Light Pen to add some glow to her dark.  You can't really control where the splashes of light will end up, so I do a lot of trial and error before I am satisfied.  I have truly tried to restrain myself because the Light Pen is so much fun to use I can get carried away.

Here's one more funny for your amusement (this I say quite hopefully).

Earl Grey obviously does NOT suit Dani to a TEA!

And that's about it.

Didn't you just hear what I said?  

Excuse them.  They don't really know any better.
They're all of an age -- vintAGE, that is.