Sunday, April 17, 2022



 Dani is a lucky pussycat, but sometimes she likes to pretend she's something else.

"I luvs rabbits" says she "but I woodn't wanna be wun in reel life."

Dani whisPURRed something in my ear about "lucky rabbit's foot".  Enough said.  Apparently it's a superstition, but I call it a STUPORstition, 'cause you'd have to be in some kind of STUPOR to actually believe it.  I'm all for "Rabbits' Rights" and I am a staunch advocate for them.

And no, Dani, I'm not a staunch 'Avocado'.  In fact avacados are anathema to rabbits, so I'm anti-Avocado.

No Dani, that is NOT my nickname.  I am not an Aunty, except to Cats.  Got it?

Anyway, back to our Easter Greeting.  Dani is front and center being a Cat in Rabbity ears, while the little bunny on the top left, is a Rabbit in Catty ears.  Turnabout is fair play, says I.

Dani, being rather non-traditional, has also contributed an Easter Egg for Cats just to make efurrything more equal.

I think cats should be symbols of Easter, too.  Why just bunnies, chicks and ducks all the time?  Surely this makes them an elite group, and why not open it up to all animals?  It could make Easter a lot more interesting.  And it would also help the economy.  Every chocolatier could expand their Easter line to include any number of beasts.  Perhaps it could also make folks more mindful of those species on the Endangered List.  Stuffed toys would also multiply -- like rabbits, tee hee!

Some of the best eggs around are on the Endangered Species List.

It's 'mood for thought' in lieu of 'What you got?'


Dani was fortunate to have her friend June's Mom do a PURRtrait of her for Easter.  One thing is for sure, everything's coming up roses!

Thank you, Ann.  It's suPURR stunning, and I'm not just talking about the cat. I'm imPRESSed with the detail and the EMBOSSment.  Of course, you have to press hard if you want to emboss something.  But with Ann it's all digital.  I just hope she didn't break any of her digits whilst pressing on.

Dani says  "I is absolootly tickl'd PINK!  Yoo reely put the 'Petals to da Medals' dis time."

So Dani and I collaborated and made a Medal with Petals for Ann in recognition of her "Artful Excellence".  We even made it retro because we know she's into that vintage kind of feel.

You do so much for everyone else, some Easter Recognition is the least we could do.  Sorry, it doesn't come covered in chocolate.

It's lovely to see rabbits egging things on.

For Everyone, everywhere for whom
Easter holds a special place in their hearts


Brian's Home Blog said...

You are adorable sweetie Dani and Happy Easter from us!

The Swiss Cats said...

Happy Easter ! Purrs

pilch92 said...

Happy Easter beautiful Dani!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

All your work is outstanding. You have my vote for Easter Kitty. You will do a much better job than that rabbit.