Friday, August 25, 2023


 I'm under the weather and have no brain, so here are some blasts from the past to hopefully entertain you.

Dani says:
"Yoo can, too!"



Candy and Sunny



RIP Mr. Puddy:  You went from Down Under to Over the Bridge after leaving many, many fond memories for those left behind.  Your essence will last forever, on Earth and in Heaven.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023


 No doubt, Dani loves squirrels.  However, so far she hasn't been able to catch up with one.

"If yoo cant beat 'em, join 'em!" 
Dani says furlosophically.

So, here for your viewing pleasure are some of our resident rodents.  They reside outdoors, of course, but since Dani joined 'em, they're a lot more amenable to a meet-up.

You may notice another cat in the line-up.  This is our neighbour Figaro.  Don't mention this to Dani, but realistically he fits in better with the S.C. (Squirrel Crowd) than she does.
So, after this, things have gotten a whole lot more PURSE-onal.

What with all the garage sales and such.

Monday, August 21, 2023


This is Dani at 19 months old wearing a very pretty blue, white lace and pearl dress.  I could have named her Lacey or Pearl, but I didn't have precognition, so Dani it is.

The first set of pictures show her otherwise unadorned, The simplicity of it all brings out her large and still colour-shifting eyes.  They are now a shade of gold.

The next three pictures are more fanciful, mainly because they are fancier.  Of course it's unrelenting Mama that added more accessories.  I never know when to leave well-enough alone.

In this one I added a digital fascinator in white lace and feathers, adorned with a tiny blue seahorse and veil.  Dan's blue purse is Chanel wth sparkly diamonds.  Her necklace is intricate sprigs of sterling silver populated with pale blue pearls.

Dani looks both fierce and fancy simultaneously.

Dani is deep into Fantasyland in this shot.  It may not be Disneyland, but it did leave her feeling dizzy.  Too much input.  So, she went with a simple pale blue fascinator topped off by billowy white sails. If her new environment turns out to be aquatic, she can still float by without consequence.

Dan's necklace is sterling yet again, with a pendant of pearl and butterfly wings perched around it; her modest purse claims no name, but melds beautifully with the rest.


Finally, Dani has her way and looks forward to a cozy day at home.  She prefers not to take off her dreamy blue and white dress, but has quickly discarded all of the peripherals.  Dani goes out in the back garden and picks a blue and white bouquet of flowers. 

She has decided that the reality of nature and its bounty is all she needs.
And then she slipped off her dress.