Thursday, November 29, 2018


Early last December Dani was given a leopard-print coat which she really, really loved.  The clever thing even reversed to a solid quilted orange fabric. How great is that?   It was only a Size M and unfortunately she outgrew it rather quickly.

So this year, what were we to do?  Why buy another one, of course.  This time in a Size XL. (Luckily they're a really great price at only $7.99 CDN plus shipping on Amazon.)

Dani went out in her new leopard-print coat yesterday.  She went kind of crazy over the leopard theme this time, as you can see.  She was thrilled to have her favourite coat that fit her.

And here she is, looking ever so FURocious!  Dani's wearing a rusty-brown leopard cloche hat on her not-so-little head, and she has co-ordinated her fashionable purrse to match.  She likes the contrast of her tawny accessories with her snow leopard-print coat.

Dani is also wearing a necklace with a topaz ball pendant semi-encircled with a golden leopard.  Talk about out there!

She was so content that all we could hear was her purring in her beloved leopurred-print coat.

Faux a really good time, there's nothing like faux ...
... 'cause no animals were harmed in the making.

And that's the way it should be.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


And the snow just keeps on coming ...

"Wow -- it's just as I pictured it!"

"Is like an alternet reality." 

"But is not like reality TV cuz dere's no way outta heer."

"I'm in da middle a' snowwhere wif snowwhere ta go!"


Monday, November 19, 2018


Well, since last time we've had second and third snows.

"At furst I fawt dat it wud disappear cuz it's still only Novembah." said Dani.

"But den reality sunk in."

"So I decided ta totally embrace it."

Aftah a liddle meditashun I fawt:
"Wot duz it reely mattah?
An' now I doan mind it at all!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Dani is a very smart kitty and she's into abstract concepts.  So here I am showing her in the abstract while she is pondering abstractly.  For instance ...

... "How cum we cats hasta lick ourselfs ta keep clean?  Not efurryone does dat.  Even dogs has baths in watah.  Uddah animals gets in ponds an' rivers to rinse demselves off."

"I dont mind da lickin' (even doe it dont taste like chickin) ...

It's da HAIRBALLS dat gets ta me!"


"So since Crissmuss is comin' nearer I pondered sum more."

"I meditated on dis wun.   Ommmmmmm ...
Hairballs, wot is dey good fur?"

An' den it came ta me ...

... Dani presents the ultimate Christmas present!
It's all natural, recycled and made with love.
And if you swallow some ribbon, it will come out already gift-wrapped.

It also makes a great addition to your Christmas pudding.


Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Dani's wearing her newest fabulous fashion find which also happens to be quite functional.

It's a lavender coat dress -- made of fuzzy sweatshirt material -- good for the nippier weather.  The design is simple yet elegant, with a large pointed collar and two white buttons at the back of the waist.

Dani has chosen her accessories to assimilate with her latest attire.

Her fascinator is very unique and upscale.  It's a small lavender disk adorned with sculptural white wings.  Why it's a virtual work of art!

Dani's necklace is a beautiful silver and gold filigree piece in the shape of three butterflies, each with a purplish stone at its center.

And finally, Dani's purrse is a classic Cartier lavender leather number with silver accents including a tiny amethyst dangle.  It's the details that make it!

Dani appears to be staring at a rare bejeweled feathered creature which has attached itself to her frame.  For some reason she feels a strange solidarity with it.

Just like Dani with her constantly changing outfits, the peacock is resplendent in ...

... her plumage of many colours!

"We cud be twins!" exults Dani.