Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Dani's wearing her newest fabulous fashion find which also happens to be quite functional.

It's a lavender coat dress -- made of fuzzy sweatshirt material -- good for the nippier weather.  The design is simple yet elegant, with a large pointed collar and two white buttons at the back of the waist.

Dani has chosen her accessories to assimilate with her latest attire.

Her fascinator is very unique and upscale.  It's a small lavender disk adorned with sculptural white wings.  Why it's a virtual work of art!

Dani's necklace is a beautiful silver and gold filigree piece in the shape of three butterflies, each with a purplish stone at its center.

And finally, Dani's purrse is a classic Cartier lavender leather number with silver accents including a tiny amethyst dangle.  It's the details that make it!

Dani appears to be staring at a rare bejeweled feathered creature which has attached itself to her frame.  For some reason she feels a strange solidarity with it.

Just like Dani with her constantly changing outfits, the peacock is resplendent in ...

... her plumage of many colours!

"We cud be twins!" exults Dani.