Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Dani was working overtime to finish these 100 PURRcent new funnies for your aMEWSment.  Dani is starring in more than her fair share today because, as the name of the blog implies, it's hers!

So the line-up for today goes:   Dani, Dani, Dani, June of  Zoolatry, Dani and June, Sox previously of this blog, and Simon, Seal and Brian, all of Brian's Home.

And we're OFF!  But that's what you like about us in the first place.

It's an AIR RAID, and I'd suggest he use some on himself (the Raid, that is).

I don't think ANYONE is gonna wanna touch your STUFF!
(Much less count it)

One thing you can always say about Dani is that she makes a SPLASH wherever she goes!

So don't wear any designer TOPS when you're around June or you might go home with PULLS in them.  No one, but no one is above the CLAW.

"Fur me -- not so much" says Dani.  "Cuz I AM da CLOG!"

Fortunately, SIGHS isn't efurrything!

Never take part in group CATivities.

You could end up like this.

Google It!

Saturday, March 26, 2022


The best part of the world stands with Ukraine.  We do, too.

Ukraine Together Forever


Poo on Pootin

Friday, March 25, 2022


 Dani took a late night flight to Baltimore, so she could celebrate with her bestie, June.  June turns two years old today, and that's the TWO-th!

If you want to wish June a Happy Birthday, please go to her Mom's Zoolatry blog and leave your message there.  My comments are off for today.

As well as June, the Hostess of Honor, and Dani, First Friend, both Andi and Dina are in attendance (they live here, too), as well as a trio of Angry Birds who want to have a good time for a change.

Dani brought a gift for June wrapped in blue polka dot paper.  It's still top secret.

The Angry Birds went together and bought June a PURRse with a Clownfish and bubbles.  June just LOVES bubbles (which seem to be efurrywhere today).

Andi and Dina brought June a couple of koi fish.  One of them is a little shy and went off in a corner by itself.  PURRhaps it will warm up as time goes on.  It might need a bowl of water -- room temPURRature, please.

June is mesmerized by her Dr. Seuss birthday cake, decorated with two fish;  one blue and one pink!  She is wondering how to get all the icing off without making a mess.  She can't wait to see how many fishies are inside.

Aside from that, the party's just getting started so drop by and leave some birthday love for June on this 


Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 Although there is still snow on the ground, Dani is glad she doesn't have to wear a hat for warmth anymore.  And she has donned a lighter pink and white sweater just to be comfortable.  Though the temPURRatures are above freezing, it's still far from what you'd call balmy.

So this is Dani's first photoshoot in a very long time.  It doesn't seem that she has lost her cachet.

"Wot's a "Catch A?" asks Dani. "Duz it has anyfing ta do wif huntin' or fishin'?  An' is de 'A' da grade fur wot yoo cot?  PURRSonally, I fink I deserves a Grade A+."

Of course you would, but you didn't catch anything.  It's all about what you already had -- the Admiration of others.  Cool, eh?  (I'm allowed to say 'eh', pronounced 'A', because I'm Canadian).

"Dere's dat 'A' again.  I gess it stands fur Admiration -- fank gudness!"

So it seems Dani gets off on being admired.  Rather self-centered methinks, but anyway, we digress as usual.  

Here is Dani in her transition to Spring.  She's modelling in just the sweater and a necklace in each shot.  Does that make her a lightweight?  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  She's quite a big girl at 22 lbs.  Stretching things is a must.

It's a two-fur in the same sweater, but changing up the poses and the jewelry.

And two more for good measure!  You may PURRuse at your leisure.

So let's sum up what Dani appreciates.  Basically she is happy it's getting warmer and that Spring is actually here, by the calendar, anyway.  And that's a PAWsitive for everyone.

She is also stoked that she is being admired.  There's nothing wrong with that as long as you let others know that you admire them, as well.  If everybody went around telling others what they admire about them this world would be a much better place.  So let's hear it for admiration because it helps us to know what we can aspire to.

Got it, Dani?  Admiration is admirable.

"Yup!  I just bin promoted ta Admiral."

You can't say I didn't try.

Monday, March 21, 2022


Dani would like to introduce her new friend River Song of Foley Monster Pocket and River Song.  Yes, she is a woofie, but one with a very powerful AWWW factor.  What a cutie pie!

As you know, Dani is not breedist or species-specific.  A friend is a friend, and new friends are so interesting because we don't know all about them yet.

River Song's Mom says she is a fancy girl prone to flights of fancy.  That's why Dani flew her over to her home in Canada's capital city, Ottawa.  They are going to visit the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who is pretty fancy himself.  I fancies him, at least!

River said "I fawt I wuz gonna be late cuz I wuz still unpackin'.  But I wuz JUSTIN time!"

OK River, you're first in the comedy line-up today.  You go, girl!

"But I just got here ..."

It could have been worse.  Chimps share their genus (no that's NOT genius) with gorillas.

Well done, River!  You're like an old pro.  I'll let you introduce the others.

 "Hewwo efurryone!  My name is River Song an' my game is giggles.  Movin' along, Dani is hoggin' most of da spots today, but it is her blog, so she can.

We also has June of Zoolatry , Angel-Zoey formerly of Zoolatry, an' Simon from Brian's Home. So let's get on wif da show ... "

After this, efurryone's gonna think you're just a big DRIP!

This just goes to show how Ageist our society has become.  Now you can't trust anyone over the age of two!

This is a two-fur!
(Translation:  I have been taking a back.)
And now that they have an extra back, the program at this hour can proceed as usual.

Always thinking of the welfare of others, right Zoey?
Or do you lead with your left?

Furst you drug 'em, then you drag 'em!

And Simon's mopping up over at Brian's Home, too!
And talk about wet pets, looks like your girlfriend can't hold her LICKER either!

O noes!  It's a woofie invasion.

Friday, March 18, 2022


Yes, Dani's made all her Spring preparations:  new hat, new purrse, new necklace.  All the essentials, you know.

But are the birds ready?  That's the real question.

And to that, I say "Not quite."

Although Dani might prefur some tender morsels, I'm all for giving them a fighting chance.  At least let their Mom fatten them up and teach them how to fly first.  Besides then there will be more meat on their bones.

To which Dani replies without logic or reason:

"Why wait fur Spring?  Doos it now!"


Thursday, March 17, 2022


Before we set off on our journey, we want to express our thankfulness for this wonderful Cat Blogosphere in which we PURRticipate, and for the hard-working folks who keep it running, even while facing their own trials and tribulations:  Paula Gregg, Terry Frum, Ann Adamus, and Yasaar Nakchbendi.

Dani and June have taken a trip to Ireland to celebrate an authentic St. Patrick's Day.

First, they want to take care of business before taking care of business, if you know what I mean.  However, in the end they couldn't remember a thing.  So at least we documented it.

June is PURRforming a little Irish jig with an audience of cows to cheer her on.  At least they don't boo, but they do MOO for encores, in unison, yet.  If any of them has a 'beef' with June's dancing, none of them  has uddered a word (other than Moo).

Dani's satisfied to watch over the MOOlah while bopping to the Irish mewsic.

There are sheep in the back field behind the pub, but the two besties are going to wait under they're tipsy to mingle with the mutton.  That's so when they eventually tip over after too much 'TIPPLE', they won't be the only ones feeling sheepish.  Good plan!

At this point, Dani and I would like to thank Ann of Zoolatry for this fantastic St. Paddy's Day graphic.
"An' da green beer, too!" says Dani foaming at the mouth.  "I doan unnastand peeples" she says.  "Dey calls dis foamy stuff a Head, an' deys calls da bafroom a Head; a leader kin be a Head, den dere's:
A Head onna pimple
A bad situashun kin come to a Head
Yoo kin has yoor Head in da clouds
Head fur da hills
Has yoor head in da sand
Be head ovah heels (isn't dey always?)
Face sumfin Head On (well, yoor face is on yoor head, duh!)
How kin wun fing haff so many meanin's?

At this point June is totally befuddled, and Dani has no idea what she just said.  So all in all their authentic St. Patrick's Day has been a success.  Was there ever really any doubt?

We'll let them sleep it off so they can get jiggy-with-it another day.

Pee Ess: As I was composing this post I came across a bunch of St. Patrick's Day avatars that I had done years ago.  Unfortunately, I don't know who I did them for, anymore (except for my own kitties), but they are still fun to look at, if you wish.

Tap on the picture to make it larger.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 Even when you've known sumbuddy for a long while, there are still some things you don't know about them.  So Dani has dedicated this comedy post to familiarize herself and her soon-to-be more familiar familiars.

Furst off is Dani herself.  "I finks I noes myself pritty well." she says rather smugly.  Ah, the arrogance of the young, says I.  They just don't know what they don't know.  I think Dani might be surprised how she comes off in the first and second memes, don't you?  Why she's a masochistic, pathological liar, not to mention a remorseless destroyer of private property!

June of Zoolatry is up after that in a bizarre episode that defies all reason, followed by Sox, formerly of this blog, who seems to have a thing for hedgehogs.  He and the oh-so-cute baby hedgehog make a second appearance at the end of the line-up.

Caught in the middle each doing their 'thang' are Simon of Brian's Home, and Angel-Zoey formerly of the aforementioned Zoolatry.

So let's see how much we can familiarize ourselves with these beings, including the hedgehog who is so sweet you can't help but go "Awwwwww!"

Today efurrything is a little 'off', but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dani MARCHES to the BEAT of her own MUM!

Lies roll easily off your tongue, but at least you didn't 

Congratulations, June.  You're the new Hunchback of Notre Dame!

At least the Hedgehog's gas emissions are environmentally friendly.
"I've gone GREEN!" he brags.

Simon says "If yoo don't uses it, yoo loses it -- da last fing I wonts is ta be all outta WHACK!"

Under the circumstances keeping one eye open is the best way to go.  Catching a wink without seeing it would be nigh on imPAWSible!

First of all you have to improve your diction.  Can you at least 'ELLO CUTELY?

Arrest 'im and HOGTIE 'im inside a hedge
on account a' Feline ImPURRsonation.