Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Dani is VERY excited today ...

... because it's her BIRTHDAY!

"I'm FREE!" she exults.  Like many three-year olds she has trouble pronouncing the "TH" sound.  
In any event being free is also something to celebrate,

And here she is in all her birthday glory!  She's all dressed up for the occasion and anxious to blow out her candle and dig into that massive fish cake.

"No bones abowt it" says she.  "I jus' LOVES fish cakes!"

Dani was also delighted to open up one of her birthday presents and find this:

In case you can't guess what it is, this is the official description from Amazon:

Cat Fun 3-Level Tower Ball and Track 

It is designed for more than one cat to play with at a time.  If you get all three balls going, each one goes round its track at a different speed (of course).  Mesmerizing!  Especially for cats.

So far, Dani has been having a ball with it, but Sox just sniffs it and walks away.   Dani is just three, though, and Sox is 11, so purrhaps it's just too juvenile for him.  Who knows?

In any event the party is ON!

It's time to rock and ROLL
(the ball, that is) ....

... and a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Here is Dani lounging on the love seat in the living room.

The sun was flooding in the bay window, so it blurred the image.  My solution for this was to use a Watercolour Filter et voilĂ  -- we have a watercolour portrait of Dani!


Friday, January 17, 2020


Sox has birds on his mind.  That's why I'm calling him a birdbrain.

"I don't mind birds at all, reely" says Sox.
"Ackshully I kinda admires dem."

"But I found out da hard way dat dey don't 
appresheates houseguests!"


Friday, January 10, 2020


Dani's outside communing with the bullfinches.

"Is reely just-a lotta tweets" says she.
"Nuffin' yoo need ta pay attenshun to."

"Aftah all, wot kin yoo expecked frum bullfinches, but a lotta

"Ah, dat's bettah!
A liddle peace 'n quiet.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Dani is outside and none too happy about it.  Usually she will stay in one spot on the front porch, but today she decided to go for a skate on the driveway.

"I dunno why I did dis.  Is freezin' my tootsies!"

"Is bettah wen yoo has sumwun ta skate wif .  Dat
way yoo kin hold each uddah up."

Sox, where are you?  Dani needs you.

Unfortunately for Dani, he's incommuniCATo.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Dani and Sox partied hard last night -- and today they are good for nothin' -- but sleep, that is.

Dani was so exhausted she fell asleep in her party dress!  Sweet dreams pretty girl.  The PAWsibilities are endless for this brand new year, and brand new decade.

However, while she has taken her eye off the ball (so to speak), the rats seem to be taking over.  One, who fancies herself an angel, has inserted herself at the top of the tree and another is trying its best to get a taste of that happy juice.

It is the Year of the Rat, remember!  Signed, Sealed and Ratified by the Chinese.

Sox has joined Dani in dreamland, but has managed to rid himself of his party hat and bowtie before falling asleep.  One rat is still having a party in that hat, and another is playing the mandolin to lull Sox deep into oblivion.  This rat has a bowtie of his own so no need to borrow Sox's cast-off (or is that CATS-off?).

It seems while the cats are away (i.e., sleeping), the rats will play.  Here's what they've been up to:

This rat has officially gone on record declaring 'The Year of the Rat'!

This one's going up in smoke and it isn't second-hand.  
I wonder if there's a little weed in there, now that it's legal in Canada. What a party animal!

How romantic!  These rats finished their glasses 
of wine and are now having a New Year's smooch.

None of that kind of spooning going on here. This little rat is playing with a kitten in the kitchen, though.  What fun!

And finally, before turning in for the night (even though it's day),  this rat is taking a shower. If you look closely you can even see his little yellow rubber ducky!

So in 2020, instead of just having one World Rat Day, these cunning little animals have taken over the world for 365 of them.

Let's all give them their due.

Yeah, but think of all the doodoo that's gonna be left.

Not to worry, they know how to clean up after themselves!