Thursday, May 30, 2019


Dani is the mistress of self-treatment.  And she likes to treat herself well!  I'll let her tell you how she does it.

 "Step 1: Furst yoo hasta stand up fur yoorself.  Make yoor demands an' doan back down."

"Step 2: Wen da treats is on da table reach out fur wun.  It's impawtant dat yoo takes wun at a time ta reduce da chance a' droppage."

 "Step 3:  Use wun paw ta slide da treat towards yoo. Den grab it in yoor uddah paw." 

"Step 4:  Keep yoor paw curled aroun' da treat so yoo doan drop it, an' quickly put it in yoor mouf.  Yum!"

"Step 5:  An' wen da pile gets too small go to Step 1 an' start again."

Take it from the exPURRt and you'll be treated well in no time.

"Acourse da best treats is da wuns yoo catch yoorself!"

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Here's a pretty picture of Dani in her new Spring hat.

And such a delightful hat it is, too!  It's a wide-brimmed number in soft peach, accented with a beautiful white magnolia and covered completely in deliCAT voile fabric for that esoteric look.

Dani has chosen an ornate necklace composed of peach pearls arranged in floral patterns with a few left dangling to further effect.

Her peach and white purrse is quilted and fastened with a gold latch.  It also has a gold chain to hang off the shoulder.  Dani has pinned a lovely silk rose to the front, purely for decorative purrposes.

She is very anxious to get up off that chair and purrade around for all to see.  Such a show-off is she!

"Aftah all is said an' done, dis is ware I hang my hat
Is wot I call HOME!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Dani's out on the front steps in May ...

 ... and I must say ...

... it's very becoming.

Just look what she's become!

A work of art.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Dani had a playdate with her best kitty friend the other day -- none other than the famous Miss Hello Kitty!

They have fun dressing up together and like to wear the same things as much as pawsible.  Look at their hair bows, their watches, necklaces and purrses!

In case you can't see some of these accessories, I have enlarged their images below:

Hello Kitty Watch and
Hello Kitty Necklace

And here's their sparkly silver Hello Kitty Purrse!

Dani looks up to Hello Kitty even though she, herself, is much larger.  Hello Kitty has been around  much longer than Dani, so she has a lot more experience to rely on.  Hello Kitty was created in 1974 and Dani was created in 2016, though she wasn't born until January 2017.

And, since they both like to model, you couldn't find a better role model for a young kitty than Hello Kitty.  So following her lead, Dani is thoroughly tickled pink!  And that's a good thing.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Dani has a few things to say about mothers this Mother's Day.

 "I wood like ta honour my birf Mama, Meadow.  She took care of me wen I wuz jus' a weeny one.  She fed me (I'm da dark one in da middle), cleaned me an' snuggled me.  Even doe she couldn't keep me, she kept me healthy an' happy and got me reddy fur adoption."

"Deez is pichurs of me wen I wuzza weeny.  All 'cept fur da last one wen I offishully became a weanie.  Dat's wen my birf Mama didn't feed me anymore becuz I started eatin' solid food.  Yum!"

"Wen I wuz 11 weeks old I went ta live wif my new family.  My new Mama duzn't like haffin' her pichur taken, but she sure duz like ta take pichurs of me!  She gave me food; sum wet an' sum dry, an' hugged an' cuddled me, but best of all she gave me toys.  Lots an' lotsa toys!  Once I wuzza weanie I cleaned myself, but my new Mama wud brush me an' boy did dat feel good!"

"My new Mama wuzza liddle strange doe cuz she liked ta dress me up.  She told me if I didn't like it dat she wouldn't doo it any more, but guess wot?"

"I did like it!  As long as Mama keeped on feedin' me I wuz up for it anytime."

"In fact, Mama has helped me become da model kittizen I am today.  She's always dere for me an' supports me in efurryfing I do."

"Mama ackshully likes me ta be naked most of da time.  Modellin' is jus' a hobby.  I love my Mama an' she loves me!"

I think Dani has summed up what mothers are all about.  They feed you, cuddle you and give you emotional support.  They help you grow up to be the best that you can be.  And the rest is up to you.

"So fur all da Mamas out dere, fank yoo an' haffa very ...

Friday, May 10, 2019


Dani and her nephew Sox were hanging out in the family room together.

 Sox loves the big cushy armchair (especially the arm part) and Dani is making a wish

"Pleez, oh pleez let him disappear!" conjures Dani, using all of her mighty mental powers
 to achieve her wish.

"Now deez treats is mine -- all mine -- an' I'm gonna partay!"

"Dat's OK" says Sox.  "Cuz I'm haffin' a party of my own ...
...  an' I has da LION'S share!"

Thursday, May 2, 2019


This is a picture of Dani from the Spring of 2017 when she was still just a kitten.

This was at the beginning of her modelling career, but even then she was comfortable wearing pretty dresses (for photoshoots, at least).  Here she is lying on the front porch sunning her ears (casting long shadows from her lynx tips) and inhaling the fragrance of a fresh blossom from the garden.

Efurrything was new back then, including Dani herself!

"I gotta tweet about dis!"