Friday, October 27, 2023


 Dani is back with a tour de farce of her funny friends.  Sometimes the force leaves her and she is just not able to come up with anything at all.

Dani is first off with two new jokes which she lapurred to produce.  Her bestie June of Zoolatry follows right behind.

Then from Brian's Home are Simon and Maxwell, trying to cheer efurryone up.  Thereafter, Trouble of 15andMeowing is just being true to himself.

Our old friends Ernie of Island Cats and Katie Isabella of Katie Isabella both make appearances in that order.

Mudpie of Mochas,Mysteries,and Meows is happy to be back.  And Newbie Billy from Messy Mimi's Meandering sneaks in there for the first time.

We conclude with Flynn of Memories of Eric and Flynn who is having a blast.

So that's today's round-up and we hope you will be roundly entertained!

Here's ........... Dani!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2023


 Brian of Brian's Home is, and always will be, an icon of the Cat Blogosphere.  We were all very sad when he crossed the bridge, as he had been a constant and comforting presence here.  It's like he modelled the best behaviour and cared about all who crossed his path.  He was active in inspiring others to adopt cats, which will be his lasting legacy.

So today, we are thanking him with some of his best Memes over the years.  He was there on Icanhascheezburger in the early days, then on Wendy's Lolspot and finally shared spots with his siblings right here on Dani's blog.

Please enjoy ...

He is now the purrmanent star at the top of the Christmas tree -- all year long.  His ambitions have come true.

So, Brian will be with us as Hallowe'en comes around, and makes way for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

As well as celebrating his own life, he wants to celebrate along with all of you.  He is the most precious of souls, and we are thankful he will always be a part of ours.

It's clear that Brian has retained his sense of humor.
Instead of a halo, he has chosen a pink wide-brimmed
hat with colored lights.

"It's a hat trick!
It gives yoo a whole new purrspective"
says Brian.

Thank you, Brian, for redefining the boundaries.



Friday, October 6, 2023


 Dani's back with some of the others.  You'll have to read further to find out who.

Dani starts off with two of her own; one older and one fresh out of the oven.

Next is June of Zoolatry with a two-parter involving her Mom.

Mudpie of Mochas,Mysteries,Meows follows up with Rosie and Joanie of 15andMeowing hot on her tale.

The laidback Kiki and the guardian Simon of Brian's Home are front and center, consecutively.

Then Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi of Purr-sonally Speaking make a reappearance as a triple threat, also known as the J-Cats.

Finally, we have Flynn of Memories of Eric and Flynn, or at least part of him -- the toes have it this time.

And after that I bid you adieu, until next time we meet.