Friday, July 26, 2019


Dani is in a dream world of her own, surrounded by her favourite colour.

"Buttahflies is free an' so is me!" she says dreamily.

"Even if dat makes me sumwot neFAIRYous."

PURRple rocks!

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Dani's favourite outdoor spot is the wicker chair on the front porch.

 "Is great fur melaxin'" says she.
(Melaxing is relaxing with the 'Me' put in it)

 "An' fur snoozin'"
In Dani's case it doesn't mean she's losin'.

 "Dat's cuz I'mma verreh light sleepah so I doan miss anyfing.  I kin be wide awake inna flash!"

"I kin also get down wif it!  I'm verreh flexible."  

"I gets like dat frum all da pillow walkin' I do.
It keeps me in shape fur any occashun!

Friday, July 19, 2019


Dani certainly isn't long in the tooth because she's still just two, but overall her length is stunning.  Last week we told you she reached the 20-pound mark (still having a couple of years of potential growth).

She definitely has come a "long" way since she was a kitten only a couple of years ago.

"Jus' calls me 'Hop-a-LONG CATsidy" says she.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Dani certainly is pretty in pink.

 She is a true Canadian rose -- just look at that complexion!
"A wose is a wose is a wose" quoth she.

 She prefurs a deep pink to a dusty pink.
"Dat way dere's a lot less sneezin'".
Good point!

 Dani is virtually a study in pink.
"So study me!" she says emphatically.

Even when she's not wearing pink she's still 'in the pink'!
"Yes, I am verreh healfy.  I gots an A+ frum my vet."

All in all pink suits Dani just fine!

Monday, July 15, 2019


Dani has PURRsuaded Sox that he should give dress-up a try.  So here he is -- and what a debut!

He sure is a sexy mancat in his purple sisal hat and colour-coordinated bowtie with pink and white hearts (how romantic)!  He is also wearing a Hublot watch in matching tones, on black.  

And Sox is obviously into flower power.  He doesn't think that flowers are just for femme fatales.  He's a mancat of his time (his watch makes sure of that).

"I jus' likes any kinda powah!" asserts he.
"At leest flowah powah smells good."

Sox is obviously a mancat of great dis-STINK-tion.


Friday, July 12, 2019


Dani has a coat of many colours.  In more MEWted light they are not always so obvious.  However, the flash from the camera reveals their true beauty to the max.

Dani is a "torbie" which means that she has tabby stripes but also tortoiseshell markings.  These cats are also called "patched tabbies" since they are tabbies with patches of red or cream (Dani has both).

 Dani also has a distinctive bright red patch on her forehead, smack dab in the center of her tabby "M".  The reds in her coat range from bright to pale, like the peach patch on her front paw.

 Dani isn't a fan of the camera flash, however.
"So I took it on side" she said.  "Dat way it duzn't bothah my eyes."

 Flash forward and it's bath time and she dives foot first into it.  She really enjoys it.
"Mmmmm -- TOESty!"

 "Dere's nuttin' like a good lickin', speshully wen yoor a cat a' good taste."

Dani has finally reached her flash point.  Closing her eyes entirely to avoid the discomfort of the burst of bright light, Dani PAWSes and flashes a smile.

"I'm reely not a flashy kinda gal" says she.

But she is rather colourful, n'est-ce-PAW?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Dani is a purebred Maine Coon cat.  Maine Coons are known for their size, and Dani is a good example of this.  Typically, the females are significantly smaller than the males at maturity.

Maturity for a Maine Coon comes at about 4 years of age.  Dani is now 2.5 years old.  At a year old she weighed 16.5 lbs. but now she has reached the epic weight of twenty!

For a female, this is quite large indeed -- more in line with the males of this breed.

 This picture shows Dani standing in the front porch chair.  You can see how tall she is.

"I doan mind it at tall" says Dani, because of the advantages that her height gives her.

This picture compares Dani (in the middle) to her two litter mates.  To the left of her is Thor who is a male and to the right is Mado who is a female.  Even at this tender age, Dani towered above the rest.

Oddly enough, I chose a female Maine Coon this time round because I thought her size would be limited to around 15 lbs. or so -- easier to pick up and carry if necessary.  Little did I realize what would come to pass as she's anything but little!

This is Dani with her Dada last March.  It gives some PURRspective as it relates to her size.

Dani is really one for the books.  Even her breeder says of all the female Maine Coons he has bred, he hasn't had many that reach the 20 lb. mark at only two years of age. 

I actually shudder to think how much more she might grow in the next couple of years.  As far as I'm concerned, Twenty is Plenty!

Friday, July 5, 2019


Dani has a new dress!  Well, not so surprising because she's a fashion fanatic, but remarkable nonetheless.

For the hot weather, Dani has chosen a very hot pink.  Counterintuitive, purrhaps?  Contrary, certainly.

The skirt of the dress is composed of five tiers of pink polka-dot tulle, and the bodice is made of plain pink rayon.  It has short sleeves and a matching polka-dot bow on the back.

Dani's hat is a hot-pink fascinator adorned with paler pink flowers and a gaggle of sparkling white gems and pearls.  Fan-C, n'est-ce-PAW?

Her necklace is sterling silver with an enameled hot pink heart-shaped pendant, and studded with tiny white sapphires.

For that essential handbag, Dani chose a design with a taupe background overlaid with bright-to-pale pink blossoms.  The silver-toned metal clasp is quite unique (like Dani herself) and the bag has a long chain-strap so she can sling it over her shoulder should she choose.

One might say that this dress is for the birds, as they appear to be intrigued by it -- witness this little chickadee who has gone all crazy at the sight. I suppose Dani, who is really quite chic, has become, herself, a chic magnet for others.

No chicanery here -- Dani is absolutely the real thing!

"Well, 'cept for da false eyelashes an' nosegloss, dat is" admits Dani.

Well, there you go, she truly believes that Honesty is the best PAWlicy.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty"  (Keats)