Friday, July 5, 2019


Dani has a new dress!  Well, not so surprising because she's a fashion fanatic, but remarkable nonetheless.

For the hot weather, Dani has chosen a very hot pink.  Counterintuitive, purrhaps?  Contrary, certainly.

The skirt of the dress is composed of five tiers of pink polka-dot tulle, and the bodice is made of plain pink rayon.  It has short sleeves and a matching polka-dot bow on the back.

Dani's hat is a hot-pink fascinator adorned with paler pink flowers and a gaggle of sparkling white gems and pearls.  Fan-C, n'est-ce-PAW?

Her necklace is sterling silver with an enameled hot pink heart-shaped pendant, and studded with tiny white sapphires.

For that essential handbag, Dani chose a design with a taupe background overlaid with bright-to-pale pink blossoms.  The silver-toned metal clasp is quite unique (like Dani herself) and the bag has a long chain-strap so she can sling it over her shoulder should she choose.

One might say that this dress is for the birds, as they appear to be intrigued by it -- witness this little chickadee who has gone all crazy at the sight. I suppose Dani, who is really quite chic, has become, herself, a chic magnet for others.

No chicanery here -- Dani is absolutely the real thing!

"Well, 'cept for da false eyelashes an' nosegloss, dat is" admits Dani.

Well, there you go, she truly believes that Honesty is the best PAWlicy.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty"  (Keats)


The Florida Furkids said...


The Florida Furkids

da tabbies o trout towne said...

oh my stars dani but you look FABulous in this dress; accessories are not even necessary though yes a handbag IS a must....☺☺☺♥♥♥ hugs from dai$y ~~~~~

Brian's Home Blog said...

Totally beautiful Dani girl!