Monday, July 30, 2018


Dani had quite a lengthy photoshoot in her new summery dress, so they'll probably show up in one form or another for a while.

Here are three cute ones that I took on the porch.  The first one is on the steps and the last two on the front doormat.

"Has I dun enuff posin' yet, Mama?"

"Is it time ta go in now?  Huh?"

"Fine!  I'll just sit heer an' wait 'til yoo stops fiddlin' around."

Well, you know what they say ... if you can beat 'em, join 'em!

Friday, July 27, 2018


Here's Dani sitting on the front porch steps with the garden in the background.

It really looks like she's trying to blend in with her green floral headband and summery pastel dress.  The top part of the dress is white jersey knit -- very cool!  The waist is banded in green polka-dot ribbon culminating in a large pink and white flower at the back.

The skirt is three layers of tulle in pastel pink, white and bright green.  Overall she looks quite FUResh, I think!

Dani has chosen a simple sterling silver necklace with green enamel pendant to tie in with the green in her frock.  Her handbag is anything but plain, however.  It fairly bursts with colour in florals of different kinds.
"Nachur is a wunnerful fing" says Dani.
"It duzn't need a dress rehearsal an' its dress-code is au naturel!" 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Dani was sitting in her fafurite porch chair yesterday where there is always some much-needed shade -- especially if you are a longhaired kitty like she is. 

She politely posed for me, even looking up when I waved my hand. 

Then she furrowed her brow at me to let me know she'd had enough. 

"I'm not at yoor beck an' call anymore" she said.

"Ovah an' OUT!" 

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Dani finally went outside yesterday after spending many days inside due to a heat wave.

Can you imagine this fluffy floof out in 90 degree-F weather?  To make matters worse it appears that her so called "winter coat" is coming in.  The fur all over her body is much thicker.  Just take a look at Dani's angel brother Dante to see what he looked like in July.

On the other paw, all of this new mass of fur could simply be due to the maturation process.  I guess we'll just have to see what happens every July from hereon in.

In the end her tail will tell the true tale of Dani's hirsuitism (or should we be gender-specific and say her-suit-ism?).

It seems whatever the season, Dani will always be well-suited.

P.S. Thanks to my neighbour, Susan, for taking these lovely pictures of Dani.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Here's Dani all dolled up in PURRple (one of her fafurite colours)!

She is wearing a wide-brimmed purrple woven hat with white floral embellishment and black band.  It's very useful for shading her eyes against the bright summer sun.

For her jewelry she has chosen a large diamond-shaped purple agate pendant, set in sterling silver, on a black cord.  Her bracelet is made of silver inset with numerous amethyst stones.

Most of all she LOVES her purrse which echoes the agate around her neck.  She's passionate about anything that's out of the ordinary (not to mention purrple), and this accessory speaks volumes.
"An' speakin' a volumes, I'd like ta intradooce yoo ta one of my fafurite books" says Dani.

"Mebbe yoo kin see why."  

Not only duz it has purrple pigeons (yum!) ...

... but is writtin by one of my fafurite authers!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Here we are one year after Dani had her spay oPURRation.  Boy was that a fun day!  Especially once we came home from the vet.

 At the vet I purchased Dani this red jumpsuit which was meant to stop her from licking her incision and pulling on her stitches.  If she didn't have this protection she would have had to wear "The Cone of Shame" which I didn't think would go down very well with this playful and spirited kitten.

At first I thought it was a good choice because she tried to lick her wound but was thwarted by the jumpsuit.

And "The Cone of Shame" was a bonus because now it could be used as a toy!   
"It sure smells funny!" said Dani.  "Jus' like da vets."

 Now she could get her own back by beating up on the dastardly thing.

 However, it wasn't very tasty by any stretch of the imagination.

So, Dani just decided to let it go!

Funnily enough (or not!) she did the same thing with the red jumpsuit! That very same day, she wriggled out of it and disposed of it in a place unknown.

"Hah!" gloated Dani.

There went 25 bucks down the drain -- or wherever she hid the darn thing!

Good thing for Dani that my love for her is "un-CONE-ditional".

Not all kitties are so lucky!

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Today is Canada's 151st birthday, and Dani is totally up for the big celebration. She is 100 purr cent "Made in Canada" and proud of it!

Dani knows all the words to both "O Canada" and "The Maple Leaf Furever".  Her furvour will never flag, especially since she's waving one.

All of Canada is celebrating today.

Including a host of Canadian Mounties ...

... our very eager beavers ...

... our party-hardy Canada geese ...

... our hard-drinking, penguin-eating polar bears ...

... and our iconic Canadian moose!