Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hello again!  Today I am gonna show you pictures from my first 10 weeks at Lacocoon Cattery. They show the amazing changes that happened to me.  According to my breeder I was a very big kitten.  He even referred to me as a 'horse'!

 Just one week and my eyes are open!

 Two weeks and I'm startin' to look around.

 Three weeks and I've learned to avoid the camera flash.

 Four weeks and my ears are starting to unfurl.

 Six weeks and things are startin' to look up in the world (including me)!

 Seven weeks and I'm sittin' pretty!

 Only eight weeks and already lyin' down on the job.

 This is a picture of me (I'm in the middle) and my littermates at eight weeks of age.  Thor, my brofur, is on my left and Mado, my sisfur is on my right.  See how much bigger I am?  I still don't think I'm a horse, but maybe a pony, purrhaps.

 Nine weeks and I've been totally socialized.

Ten weeks and I've taken over the place!

At eleven weeks I came home to my new Mama, Dada and brofur, but you'll have to wait for my next post to hear all about that.  Okey dokey?

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pilch92 said...

Nice to meet you cutie.

Summer at said...

You are beautiful, Dani! My human was at a cat show today, helping my breeder with one of her kittens, and we saw a Maine Coon kitten in competition - he was huge and handsome and got finaled lots of times!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Dani, you are cute, cute, cute!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

my stars girl, you are not a pony horse or anything or anything else again but a gorgeous cat !! hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥