Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Dani has always been intrigued by unicorns.  Except she thinks they're called "Unique Horns" because each of them has a horn like no other.

So today, Dani has decided to dress as a "Unique Horn" and she has indeed succeeded in her quest.

Dani's horn is front and center on top of her head, held in place by unique-horn ears and decorated with a band of flowers.  She has also chosen to wear a unique-horn necklace which matches her dress quite nicely.  Dani's dress, itself, declares her uniqueness.  It flat out says:  "I'M UNIQUE".

Her purrse is as colourful as her dress and her head gear and it, too, bears the image of a unique-horn.

Last, but not least, is her new cuddly toy which is another unique-horn and this one has wings!
"Fly liddle unique-horn -- fly, fly!" 

Dani has stocked up on unique horns for the future, and here are just a few of them:
For occasions when Dani feels "in the pink"

To wear when she's feline blue.

PURRple for when she's feline content.

Finally, there's a white one decorated with fuschia in
case she's confused over which one to pick.

Surprise!  Just when we thought that was all, Dani pulls another one (dare I say) out of her hat.  It's the brightest and most multi-coloured unique-horn I've ever seen, at least in this galaxy!

And here's to the mythical beast that has inspired it all!

"Wot duz yoo mean mythical?  As far as I kin tell,
I'm not mythin' anyfing.  I gots it all!"  declares Dani.


Sandee said...

So cute. Dani did this so very well.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dani ewe iz... ewe neek....N ya look gorgeouz az well :) happee week two ewe ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

You are unicorn unique pretty Dani!

Zoolatry said...

She's so beautiful ... and so adorable when all dressed up! And yes ... you-nique!