Friday, June 9, 2017


Today Dani went to her new vet for the first time.  She really wasn't impressed with the ride over and howled quite a bit.

However, once we arrived and settled into the waiting room, Dani was the purrfect little kitty -- even though the room was filled with barking dogs!

"Dada held me so I wudn't be askeer'd" says Dani.

Then they showed us into another room where we waited some more -- but there were no doggies in here.

 The vet assistant weighed Dani and she came in right around 6 lbs.

"I smells TREATS!" yells Dani.

 The lovely vet lady, Dr. Lee, came in and examined Dani and pronounced her healthy.

After giving her a shot which Dani barely felt, Dr. Lee gives her a cuddle. 

 "An' den she giffed me a reel good scratch -- Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

 While Dr. Lee PURRused this document ...

... Dani PURRused Dr. Lee! 

"Fanks yoo Dr. Lee -- I reely looks up to yoo." says Dani pawlitely.

Back in the waiting room again, Dani encounters some more dogs who are both very mellow.  The large gray dog actually came right up to Dani and sniffed her.  Very well behaved indeed!

Then we told Dani we were getting in the car to go home.

"O noes -- not dat again!"

The ride home was very short and sweet (with just a little howling) and before long Dani was back where she belongs.  The vet appointment was actually kind of fun with lots of new smells to sniff and new things to see.

"I jus' wishus I cud go dere on 'auto pilot' instead of inna ackshual auto."

How profound!


Brian said...

Ya done good sweet Dani and you charmed the nice Vet too!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

my stars girl I swear you've grown twice your size in as few weeks and I'm happy the trip overall wasn't to bad and purrhaps next time dada will let you drive the car which is way more fun than sitting on the passenger seat !! hugs from dai$y =^..^=♥♥

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

We bet those dogs knew who was boss and didn't mess with you!

Summer at said...

Dani, I'm with you about wishing for autopilot! I'm all about the destination, not so much the journey. I'm glad your vet visit went well, and that you were a brave girl. BTW, I'm between 6-1/2 and 7 lbs., so you are already almost as big as I am!