Friday, February 4, 2022


 Dani has a vast rePURRtoire of characters, some of whom she has chosen to disclose here today.  Her best character is her own.  She values friends and family above all.

Dani is joined by her brother Angel-Dante, her sisfur Angel-Domino, and her good friend June of Zoolatry, who tend to wrangle up a few chuckles of their own.

And we also have a Lookalike to top things off; a comparison you would never have thought feasible.

Dani's been blindsided but she'll give it a whirl.
It's a patch job at best.

Dani indulges in flights of fancy.  
You must admit that bird is fancy.

SUMO her best friends are gay!

Got a pencil sharpener?

Now Dante gets hammered efurry day!


In fact she caused a big stink about it!



Zoolatry said...

U-Crane really got me (at 5:30 am) ... had to get off your blog, and then come back again!
So, here we are ... more giggles.
OhMyCat (ps, June's claws are sharp, she wakes me up pawing at me for her breakfast)
Dani, it's good to end out the week with a belly-laugh, thanks girlfriend.

Sandee said...

You nailed them all, Dani and you do look a bit like Tom.

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

Kathe W. said...

You are all hilarious! Have a funny weekend!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Too funny, you're such a hoot Dani!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Cats just want to have fun.