Friday, January 14, 2022


 Dani was busy all weekend long assembling this gaggle of goofs.  Some of the usual suspects are here, but there's more than one strange face amongst them.  Baby is the first stranger and he belongs to my friend's daughter. Baby comes up with the most eccentric PAWStures -- he's a natural for this kind of thing.  And then there were three (strangers, that is) -- the aforementioned Baby along with his two co-horts who belong to my friend, herself.  They all look pretty similar, but the two latest additions are formerly feral Freiya in the cat tree, and her brofur Hagrid, relaxing beside Baby in the middle.

June of Zoolatry purrforms her customary guest-starring role, as does my grandkitty Sox, sepurrately.  And this week, Brian of Brian's Home is also joining us with a bit of nostalgia from the Cheezburger days.

I hope you will find this assortment of cat comedians, pleasing.

Heeeeeeeeeeer's Dani ...

Now that's an ultiMATE HIM if I've ever heard one!  To the commitment-shy, I say 'Do as you're told'.

Now let's all sing a chorus of 'GNOME, GNOME on the Range'.
(and I hope you have the range to do it!)

When Baby comes down off his THIGH HIGH, he's gonna need to restore blood flow to that leg.
(Can't get much Stranger than that!)

Now there'll be no chasing the chaste.  But if, by some chance you do, go for a little strange instead of your sister.  Pleas!

June's MineMom has kissed her SO much with salty lips that she can savour the flavour until the next time Mom sucks her face.  Suckah!

Uh-oh!  June didn't like that very much 'cause she's launched an attack of her own.  We'll just pretend we didn't see it and leave her alone to let off more steam.

Hopefully, Sox has learned his lesson so it's all 'just ducky' from now on.

Chicks are just gonna think Brian's one of their own.  They'll do his make-up and lend him some feathers for a boa.  

All aboa'd da crazy-train!


Lola The Rescued Cat said...

These are great! And we love your guest stars today.

Sandee said...

You went all out today. You had me laughing all the way through. Thank you.

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

Those were soooo funny! Brian still isn't a fan of that dreaded chicken hat MOL!