Friday, June 28, 2019


I have introduced Sox previously on this blog, but he has made only rare appearances.  He may be a more regular feature now so I'll acquaint you with him once again.

Sox is an eleven-year old longhaired brown tabby with four white paws.  He is my son's cat who I have been catsitting for many months now.  My son travels regularly for work, and it didn't seem right to keep shuffling Sox back and forth between houses.

Indeed Sox has disappeared from our home twice; once in the depths of winter for over a month.  The fact that he survived was miraculous.  I think he was trying to find his way back to his own home.  This idea was strengthened when he disappeared a second time for about three weeks (thankfully in warm weather this time). When he was turned into the Humane Society finally, they told us he was found on the same street where my son lives (except no one was home to greet him).

To be fair Dani gave him quite a hard time when he first arrived, but things have settled down over many long months.  They now can be counted as friends; fast friends, even -- especially when they race around the house.

So for now, and potentially always, Sox calls our house 'Home'.  He doesn't disappear any more and goes out and comes back regularly.  His longest outings have been for about three hours and then he reappears at the back patio door hunkering (and hungering) for some grub.  After a nosh he wants back out again.

Sox is very sweet and funny.

And he LOVES a bit o' catnip!

"See ya around" says Sox.


Brian's Home Blog said...

Nice to see you handsome Sox, be careful out there!

catladymac said...

It's so good you're home, sweet boy !

Summer at said...

Sox is very handsome!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood....itz veree nice ta meet ewe; we mite a met bee for but we iz knot good
on memoree...ewe bee one handsum dood....we bet dani likez havin ewe azza cuzin !!! :) ♥♥