Saturday, June 1, 2019


Dani's getting all gussied up to go shopping.  She's looking for something for Dada's Day.  Mind you it's not for a couple of weeks, but she likes to keep ahead of the game and get all the good stuff before it's gone.

"Mama, kin I has my allowance a liddle early, please.  Is very imPAWtant!"

Of course I complied.  How could I not?  Dani was being very thoughtful and planning well in advance for the event.

Her Daddy likes short-sleeved casual summer shirts and there sure are a variety of interesting ones out there these days.  Here are just a few she found on sale for Daddy's Day.

#1.  This one, in teal, has a print of old-fashioned sailing ships.

#2.  This one is white with little navy (the colour, not the military) sailboats.

And, at a different store where they like to remain anonymous:

#3.  Dark teal with an all-over abstract design.

#4.  Light blue background with pineapples and pink flamingos.
This guy seems to think it's hilarious!

#5.  Here's another shirt with sailboat design, this time in black with little boats with orange sails.
Quite striking methinks!

So Dani wants your advice on which one she should pick.  Her Dada is 66 years old but he still works as a software consultant on contract.  He's not averse to wearing things that make him stand out and he has a very good sense of humour.  Here's a funny picture of him holding Dani when she was a kitten:

Dada's always sticking his tongue out.  He doesn't even realize he's doing it.  Dani thinks it's OK as long as he doesn't try to lick her.

Of course Dani's been known to stick it out, too.  I think she must have learned it from her Daddy.  Like father, like cat!

So please help Dani out and vote for the best shirt for her Dada.  #1 through #5.  Which one is it?


Brian's Home Blog said...

I say #4, ya gotta have some mingos!

Terri said...

If Dada has a sense of humor, I agree with Brian: Flamingos and pineapples!

Watch Mechanic said...

Wow, how did you pick the one she eventually got me when the only suggestions were for the flamingos with pineapple? Have to admit their choice was pretty good, too! Thanks to you and Dani both.