Sunday, May 12, 2019


Dani has a few things to say about mothers this Mother's Day.

 "I wood like ta honour my birf Mama, Meadow.  She took care of me wen I wuz jus' a weeny one.  She fed me (I'm da dark one in da middle), cleaned me an' snuggled me.  Even doe she couldn't keep me, she kept me healthy an' happy and got me reddy fur adoption."

"Deez is pichurs of me wen I wuzza weeny.  All 'cept fur da last one wen I offishully became a weanie.  Dat's wen my birf Mama didn't feed me anymore becuz I started eatin' solid food.  Yum!"

"Wen I wuz 11 weeks old I went ta live wif my new family.  My new Mama duzn't like haffin' her pichur taken, but she sure duz like ta take pichurs of me!  She gave me food; sum wet an' sum dry, an' hugged an' cuddled me, but best of all she gave me toys.  Lots an' lotsa toys!  Once I wuzza weanie I cleaned myself, but my new Mama wud brush me an' boy did dat feel good!"

"My new Mama wuzza liddle strange doe cuz she liked ta dress me up.  She told me if I didn't like it dat she wouldn't doo it any more, but guess wot?"

"I did like it!  As long as Mama keeped on feedin' me I wuz up for it anytime."

"In fact, Mama has helped me become da model kittizen I am today.  She's always dere for me an' supports me in efurryfing I do."

"Mama ackshully likes me ta be naked most of da time.  Modellin' is jus' a hobby.  I love my Mama an' she loves me!"

I think Dani has summed up what mothers are all about.  They feed you, cuddle you and give you emotional support.  They help you grow up to be the best that you can be.  And the rest is up to you.

"So fur all da Mamas out dere, fank yoo an' haffa very ...


Catscue Cat Mom said...

What beautiful memories you shared Dani! You were a darling little kitten and you grew up to be a stunning cat - Happy Mother's Day to your loving mom!

Brian's Home Blog said...

That was very sweet Dani. Happy Mother’s Day to your very special Mom from all of us!