Thursday, June 7, 2018


Dani's been waiting to break out this hat, in purrticular, because she thinks it goes well with her natural complexion.

So here she is in all her glory in this taupe woven hat with feathery ribbons and peach-coloured flower on top.  The brim is curved and paler in colour and frames her face just purrfectly!

Dani has chosen a pink gold necklace with citrine pendant as an accompaniment to her speCATular hat, along with a trio of bronze-braided bracelets, from dark to delight!

Dani's purse is an awesome taupe leather tote with shiny peach material decorating its sides and a lining in bright orange silk.  The tassels gives this handbag a bit of a bohemian twist.  Dani always likes things a little offbeat  ...

... just like she is!


da tabbies o trout towne said...

dani.....I daresay your accessories are FABulous; I especially like the pendant and I trust
your handbag is filled with catnip & cash :) ~~~☺☺ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

M Dawson said...

Love the accessories. You look so elegant in your hat too.