Friday, June 8, 2018


Dani came outside to visit with her Auntie Val.  Of course, I was there too on the front porch snapping these pictures.

 Auntie Val hadn't seen Dani since March so was surprised at her size and her heft.  She has a kitty, too, but hers is fairly small.  As you can see, Dani is quite the armful!

Dani stayed longer than usual snuggling with Auntie Val.  And this is what Auntie Val had to say after I sent her these pictures:

"Thanks for the pics, gotta say I reaaallllyyyy enjoyed the cuddle time."

For Auntie Val and Dani it seems like the feelings are MEWtual!

1 comment:

M Dawson said...

What lovely pictures and such a treat to cuddle such a gorgeous girl!