Saturday, August 12, 2017


Dani's all dressed up in her summery picks.

She's wearing a black dress with pink, lime green and white floral pattern. The dress is accented with hot pink at the collar and waist complete with a pretty little bow.  For her head she has chosen what she refers to as her "watermelon hat" in coordinating lime green and bright pink.  It's very stylish in an off-kilter kind of way.  For some reason the term "melon head" comes to mind.

Around her neck is a sterling silver necklace with bright pink heart pendant studded with white sapphires at the center.  She has also added a fun little bracelet in stretchy lime green material with a hot pink flower and faux-diamond.

Dani's purse is in lime green leather with silver clasp and lock.  It can be either a handbag or she can sling it over her shoulder to keep her paws free for other purrposes.

"Very chichi!" she says.

Dani wanted me to take a shot that was up-close and PURRSonal and this one turned out to be a real beaut!  Here she is in all her August glory celebrating summer with the vibrancy it deserves.  Very punchy indeed!

However, I had my own idea for a rather kinky shot ...

... which turned Dani into a real 'melon head'. 
The up side is that Dani looks as cute as can be, and the
down side is that it put her into a state of "MELONcholy"!

Not to worry Dani, here's your own hat back!

Picture Purrfect!

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Brian's Home Blog said...

You sure got a lot of color there pretty Dani!